30% of families are not families according to DNA results

No it doesn’t.

Part of what I don’t like about Beto is his stance on the border wall in El Paso. That’s just not where the country is on immigration. What’s happening at the border needs to be addressed with real solutions.

At least the wall will have to be a lot shorter if we build it where the southern tip of where Mexico used to end.

True, but Mexico is ungovernable.

Naw, we can do it. America can do anything it wants to.

No, I think people are saying “the OP is factually misleading” because the OP title is factually misleading.


Yes real solutions.

Border wall where it’s feasible (I’ve argued that there is no way, no how a continuous wall across the entire southern border can be built)
This DNA testing of “families”
More Judges
Quicker hearings
Real ID completely implimented in all states
Full e-verify implimentation on any employer who has more than 5 employee’s
Funding for checks on businesses to make sure employee paperwork is up to par
RICCO statute be applied to those who committed a crime (cross the border illegally), and continue to committe crimes (fake id’s, stolen id, working illigally in any way)

We’re not willing to do what it would take and I don’t think I want us to be.

Beta O’Rourke.

So what you’re saying is that illegals aliens and illegal asylum seekers have more rights to privacy then American citizens! :open_mouth:

CNN has a list of well know Dem politicians that are calling for the elimination of ICE

They don’t want anyone to deport those here illegally, nor checking people at the border.

Many liberals would LOVE to have a free border where anyone who wants just crosses.

More Democrats have joined the growing list of names who want to abolish US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, more commonly known as ICE.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who beat Democratic Rep. Joe Crowley of New York in the primary last week, ran on a platform of abolishing the agency, and so far, more lawmakers have echoed her call.

Eliminating ICE is not “having a free border where anyone who wants just crosses.” This type of disingenuous “debate” is silly.

Maybe. But I also could be saying that the moon landing was faked. Or that stars twinkle before they fall. Or that it’s a good idea to prime walls before painting them. I mean, we all get what we want outta things.

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What else is new…look at the source…

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Ah typical snow…you leave out context that they want to abolish ice and replace it with something else…of course ice is fairly new…under 20 years old…

And 3 2 1 …

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Yes, but the title is still extremely misleading. Don’t threads get deleted for that?

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Maybe because there isn’t a plan in place to reunite the families once it’s determined they are related.


So what you’re saying is that Dan Marino is an overrated QB because he never won a SB!!! :dizzy_face:

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Never deleted a misleading thread in all my time as mod
OP’s get beat up like I am. :smiley:
I’m a big boy I can tke it

:+1::clap: Good on you for that. Not everybody can