30% of families are not families according to DNA results

It lasted only a few days, and was only at two boarder crossings in Texas. Immigration did a pilot test program were DNA samples were taking from groups of adults and kids. You know, the claim that “we are a family” and they are not supposed to be separated.

Well a funny thing happened: 30% of the kids were NOT related to the people claiming them as their kids at the border.

And then this little tidbit:

In some incidents where Immigration and Customs Enforcement told the adults they would have to take a cheek swab to verify a relationship with a minor, several admitted the child was not related and did not take the DNA test,

This should now be rolled out as mandatory. You show up with kids seeking to get into this country (or get caught sneaking in), and claim these are my children, then DNA testing required, and both kids and adults kept in custody until the results are in.

Comes back not related, and they can’t prove step parent or adoptive parent. Adutls arrested and kids sent back to the government of their home country.

Remember, this was a short test at two locations only.

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Looks like Jodie has gone international…

Or we could follow the Obama administrations example and hand them over to child traffickers.

Why am I not surprised by the results.

Yeah…but, but…did you see that picture and hear the tape of the child crying? Screw reality…I’ve got feelings to deal with…amirite? :sunglasses:

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Your title is misleading.

I was unable to determine if they performed DNA tests on all adults who arrived with children, or only the ones where there was a reason to suspect they weren’t related. 30% of the whole is still a minority, but definitely reason to be concerned. 30% of a smaller number of ‘suspected not related’ cases would be another thing altogether.

Personally, I would extend the DNA testing to determine all familiar relations concerning parents and children. I don’t see the reason not to.


30% of the families that they suspected weren’t legit.

I’m not saying this is what happened, but I wouldn’t be surprised if women with children weren’t screened as often as men with children.

Still shows that there are people who are what . . . . snatching kids off the streets someplace to try and gain easy access to the US.

Still makes you wonder what happes to these kids once they get into the US. Does the fake family continue to take care of them?

I agree that is concerning.

However - title is still completely misleading.

Or they’re travelling with a friend of the parent because the kid’s parents have been murdered. There are probably a percentage of cases where what you propose happens, but probably a percentage is my guess is true too.

I wonder what percentage of Mexican men who are murder suspects committed murder? If it’s one percent it’s too many!

I’m of the opinion that the United States should annex Mexico. We could govern that area better than they ever could. It has the added benefit of no longer needing to build a wall.

Conservatives seem awfully quick to make worst case scenario assumptions about other people’s business.

And seems like liberals are too quick to say, nothing to see here, this isn’t a problem, let them all in.

Tell me, snow. Who is saying that?

I’m pretty sure it’s not me. I specifically said we should DNA test all parents/children.

Weird. I don’t see a single liberal saying that.

I didn’t reply to you :smiley:

And to your credit:

You said this.

But for the most part, liberals don’t want the kids detained, don’t want them seperated from the adults bringing them in until it can be determined if they are related. I’ll see if I can find it again, cnn said this new test takes 90 minues. With this rate of “not related” it should be put into effect at all border crossings immediately.

I apologize then for believing you were talking about me.

I only thought you were referring to me because you said:

and there are a limited number of posters participating in this thread. I figured you referring to me because I pointed out how the thread title was, and still is, incorrect. You never addressed my post about that.

Who said that? Now is the time to scour the internet looking for someone who did.

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