3,405 died for nothing

with the Afghanistan government offering to offical accept and recognized the Taliban as a political party the war has been lost.

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN)The Afghan government is willing to recognize the Taliban as a legitimate political party as part of a potential ceasefire agreement with the Islamist militant group, President Ashraf Ghani said Wednesday.

“We’re ready to restart talks about peace with Pakistan again and forget bitter experiences of the past and start a new chapter,” he said at the start of an international conference in Kabul.
Ghani proposed starting talks without preconditions, opening the constitution for review and even helping the Taliban open a political office, though it’s unclear if it would be located in Kabul or in another country. He also offered to reintegrate and help remove sanctions against Taliban members who engage in peace talks, denounce violence, recognize the Afghan government and respect the rule of law.

Bolton doesn’t care, expect war with Iran soon.

Bomb, bomb, bomb…bomb, bomb Iran.

Good Lord,
How did you think it was going to end? Did you not learn anything from all my posts in AAW?

We could have learned from the Russians on this.

They came to abject failure in Afghanistan.

The United States has come to abject failure in Afghanistan.

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Are they still harboring the USA’s most wanted terrorist?

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Honorable and profitable. Ticker tape parades. Freedom bbq’s. France humiliated. As promised.


Really the only reason we took the Taliban out of power is they refused to turn over Osama. He’s dead, so we should be out of that country, and if they want to go down that road again, we should just gently remind them of what can happen.

Bin Laden is Dead and AQ in Afghanistan has been destroyed as an organization. There have been zero 9-11 type attacks on the US since 9-11 and Afghanistan is no longer a safe harbor for terrorists.

Every goal we intended to achieve with the invasion of Afghanistan has been achieved so where precisely is the failure?

Pissing on the graves of the fallen to try to make cheap political points is about as low as you can go, thanks for showing your true colors for all to see.


Having lost a relative or two in conflicts from WW1 to Iraq, ( My little brother is stationed as a pilot near North Korea now) I can speak for my family and say we have died so others have the right to speak. Dont think anyone is pissing on my relatives graves. JMHO WR

Put on the uniform yourself and spend a decade or so wearing it then come back and talk with me about it.

My extended family has lost members in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. A couple of good friends of mine have had their kids badly injured overseas.

NOBODY is ****ing on the dead or wounded. Opposing any conflict does not, IN ANY WAY, cast aspersions on the honor or gallantry of the men and women fighting it.

Stating that their loss or sacrifice was wasted does not IN ANY WAY dishonor or insult the memory of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines at issue. It is an condemnation DIRECTED SOLELY AT THE GOVERNMENT.

Flat out falsely claiming they died for nothing and that “the war is lost” absolutely is pissing on their graves.

They fought and died honorably to accomplish the mission and achieved it, saying otherwise is an insult to everyone who served there, and continues to as well as those wounded and killed.

Having a right to be an ass doesnt’ make it right to be an ass and having the right certainly doesn’t protect one from being called on it.


Stand down.
No respect?

There was never any other potential outcome in Afghanistan.

That said, that was a poor way to word it Judo.

Unless you have yourself personally worn the uniform you don’t get the same level of respect I give to those who do. You cannot possibly see the world through our eyes unless you’ve been one of us.

You’re as entitled to an opinion as anyone but no, you haven’t earned the same level of respect.

Its still a habor for terrorism have you looked at a map more of it falls to the hands od terrorist every year

The country falls to the hands of terrorist the war would have been pointless since it will be controlled by international terrorist

They fought and died for a decade fighting the talbian to legitimize them and give them political power would mean their effort in liberating the country where a complete waste