2nd Unite the Right Rallies Slated for Charlottesville and DC

As we all know, a group called “Unite the Right” rallied in Charlottesville, sparking counter-protests, sadly a death to a counter-protester, and a controversial statement by Trump.

This coming weekend, more neo-Nazis, more racists, more embarrassment will be on display as these fools exercise their 1st Amendment rights. In preparation, the Governor of Virginia has already declared a State of Emergency.

My hope is that these racists protest their little blackened hearts out, there is no violence, and they can go back home.

I wonder if Trump will find it in his heart to condemn these racists or will he once again declare that there are good people on both sides.

Let them protest and spew their hate.

And then take their pictures and send it to their employers with a note stating “do you want this racist working for you?”

You’re free to be a racist piece of garbage, but society is free to ostracize you for it.


Yep but don’t take shields, mace, pepper spray, bike locks, clubs and covered faces to a counter protest.

I hope to see Trump denouncing them in no uncertain terms.

I got an email yesterday saying my campus was gonna be locked down on Sunday. I’m gonna be away this weekend, I wonder what I’m going to miss.

He failed the easiest test ever thrown at a President last time.

I doubt he will do much better this time.

If Trump were smart, he would denounce the Unite the Right folks now. Before noon EST today. Claim they have a right to assemble, but he does not approve of their views.

But he’s not, so he’ll probably anger tweet about NFL

Question for you, are those neo Nazis and racists good people?

The orange idiot is too predictable.


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Of course not. They’re really liberals.

If you’re a racist, I don’t consider you a good person. If you love your country and it’s heritage, I don’t consider you a nazi or racist. There are many who love their country, like myself and are white, who are not racist. We are patriots.


He’s not going to denounce them. They represent a sizable percentage of his base.

Don’t worry, some of our wonderful fellow forum members will be here to tell us that the Unite to Right folks are liberals.

Well good.

The Unite The Right Rally is unabashedly racist… so it should be very easy for everyone to denounce them.

So in your opinion, the "Unite the Right” are good people? Just a straight yes or no answer will suffice. Thanks.

Just unbelievable.

How many innocent protesters will the “very good” white supremacists manage to kill this time?

He was not referring to the racists when he said that. There were many who simply were honoring their heritage.
And dont post a deceptive response implying that “heritage” meant slavery. Even your most deceptive sources that attempt to rewrite history to favor the view that all white people are evil will tell you that the majority of southerners did not own slaves.

Deceptive posts are like poison here.


I’ll wait for the evidence before I pass judgement.


I was thinking of the Death of a Nation thread, where lazy Dinesh D’Souza recycles this tedious argument for the 50th time, and wondering: forget the Unite the RIght rally, and the Nazis, white supremacists, and neoconfederates supporting Donald Trump and–in some cases–running for office as Republicans right now in this country. Instead, let’s argue about Mussolini and Hitler, and whether they’d be contemporary liberals!