2022 Atlantic Tropical Weather thread

Potential Tropical Cyclone One.

First system of the season, should bring very heavy rain and little else to south and central Florida.

oh well tis the season.

hopefully it’s a relatively calm one like the past few years

The one main issue right now is the fact that the loop current is unusually active and situated up as far north as Tampa. If it stays that far north for the season, it could increase intensities of Gulf Storms.

So it definitely bears watching.

Other factors are not particularly noteworthy at the moment.

The system never closed prior to landfall and ironically that is making even MORE of a rain and flooding event for south and central Florida than it otherwise would have been.

Even though it is not technically a tropical system at this point, it does possess minimum Tropical Storm force winds.

The vast majority of the rain is occurring south of the center and the Miami area has flooded.

Many areas are expecting 12 inches of rain.

The system finally achieved a closed center of circulation, so we officially have Tropical Storm Alex with 50 mph winds.