2020 Election Fraud Thread (Part 2)

MSNBC is reporting tonight that the forged documents sent in by multiple states were all done in the same format, same font, and same verbiage. It appears that the format might be from a single source.
And it is also being reported that Jeffery Clark made some statements about these documents before it was realized that they were forged. It seems that there might be quite a few things here that need some further investigation.

Hey guys…. I think that we found that massive election fraud and attempt to steal the election that Trump has been talking about.

Here is an update from Wisconsin. More subpoena activity too…

NewsMaxx covering on TV this coming Saturday, Jan 15th a big Trump rally in Arizona. Noteworthy is Lindell is scheduled to appear too…

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If I remember correctly it was justice Michael Gableman who told the press that he didn’t know how elections were run? Interesting to see in the article that this investigation was suppose to “wrap up” last year. Now some will say that it is being extended because of what they found. And others will say that it is being extended because they didn’t find anything. Either way they continue to spend taxpayer money.
My prediction is that at some point they are going to have to admit that there was not a significant number of questionable ballots to change the election outcome. The kicker will be how long this will go on until they have to put it all to bed.

why is that noteworthy?

Is Lindell someone who should be trusted and celebrated?

Lindell has already shown everyone that he is a fool. His election fraud claims and “evidence” have more holes in them then Swiss cheese. And he has used “2 months to the Supreme Court” almost as much as Trump used the two weeks until the new health care bill.

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The US Population is about 330 Millioin.

Mike Lindell has enough evidence to send every adult man and woman in this country to prison for life.

Mike, isn’t that just special. (Said in a southern grand’ma drawl.)


That would include a lot of kids too.

It will give them time to think about their fraudulent vote for Biden.


Damn those kids.


Lock’em up I tell ya!!!

… Throw away the key.


Mike Lindell is the proper stooge to keep the big lie going. He has his nose so far up Trump’s butt that he can’t smell the truth anymore.

Here’s new video footage of suspicious activity in Arizona by a poll worker…

Biden is the one who tells the real big lie in saying anyone who wants to vote can not. Not a one person has come forward saying they were prevented from voting in their state. Not a one…

He was referring to the 2020 election? Link please.

So we have a video provided by a pro-Trump group to a pro-Trump media outlet. And it was not picked up by any other media outlet. Wonder why?

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ATLANTA (AP) — Pounding his hand for emphasis, President Joe Biden challenged senators Tuesday to “stand against voter suppression” by changing Senate rules to pass voting rights legislation that Republicans are blocking from debate and votes.


Thanks for posting the link. With all due respect, this thread is regarding the 2020 election. Not what Biden said about new voting laws.