2020 Election Fraud Thread (Part 1)

Doesn’t really matter, the mindless panic over covid isn’t based in reality either.

When a significant portion of The Country no longer believes our elections are honest really bad things are likely to happen.

In 2016 that percentage was as high as 44%, it’s grown since.

Revolutions are born out of populations losing faith in their country’s ability to conduct open, free, and fair elections.

Yikes. Where to even begin with this … nah.


Rofl @ significant portion. As it stands there’s already over half the country that doesn’t vote. They didn’t vote in the previous election or the one before that or the one before that either.

331 million people in the US. Biden wins close to 80 million and Trump wins even less. Never mind that the Republicans were trying their best to keep people from being able to vote while Democrats were trying to make it so more people could vote.

I’m not aware of a single historical “revolution” that was in any significant way born out of populations losing faith in elections.

Try VZ for starters, then move on to Iran.

I agree with you on this one. Apparently there are a bunch of people who believe that a POTUS forecasting twice that if he doesn’t win the whole system is rigged is just suppose to be normal.
And they can’t see that all this talk about election fraud is just one little man being a sore loser and has a bunch of our nations leaders who are so scared of him that they will go along with the narrative.
This whole thing has so many apples and oranges comparisons that Trump supporters just don’t seem to get.

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Claims and allegations of fraud. Refuted over and over and over again.

They weren’t born of unfair elections. That’s a rewrite of complex history of Iran

Triggered by isn’t same as born out of

People aren’t losing faith in elections due to fraud. People are losing faith in elections due to the choices they’re being asked to vote between. Most people have the good sense to not pick the lesser of two evils. Evil is still evil.

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Trump worshiping republican math.

Significant way - i would say Maidan was a good example though other factors abound. BeloRussia may be heading that way

I don’t know what “VZ” means, and neither does Google.

As for Iran, election fraud was in no way the womb of revolution.

Yes that’s exactly what it was.

They believed their elections were stolen and revolted.

Venezuela probably. Although google has it as VE or VEN.

Try abbreviations for countries, it will come to you.

That was a trigger. Not born out of.

Then why was there no revolution/uprising before the rigged/stolen election?

People haven’t lost faith in our electoral system because of any actual fraud, they lost faith because con-men like Donald Trump have told them our elections aren’t fair.

44% in 2016, 80% of democratic voters.

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