2019 Deficit Officially Passes $1TRILLION


Still about a month to go for the fiscal year. After 8 years of Obama, who would have guessed such suffocating silence by the right on this issue, of all issues?

$1.068 trillion deficit at full employment.

Why doesnt Trump or any radio personalities talk about this?

For context, Obama left office with a $475bil deficit


This could be the economic miracle libs have been praying for! Whoo hoo! lol


^ trump supporter not caring about the deficit exhibit A


The Tea Party will RISE


Just think, libs, if a recession hits and the unemployment goes above 8%, the kid sniffer will have a real shot at letting y’all blame Trump for everything he fails at! lol

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:+1: cool

Thank you for being so candid about your support. Sorry to get in the way of the incoming celebrations. lol

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: u make me laugh


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This puts us in a worse position to fend of the effects of a recession.

Without a troll response, do you think that’s a good thing or bad thing?

A recession? Bad thing, mostly for people who gamble on the market.

A trillion dollar deficit at full employment is totally cool.


Not illegal!

Deficits don’t matter… (unless a democrat is in office)…

A recession is always a bad thing. Is increasing the deficit while at full employment towards the (likely) end of an expansion period a good or bad thing? Wouldn’t this be a prudent time to run a surplus and pay off some debt?

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Yep, it’s going to be terrible for people who are unprepared. Roaring 20’s. :wink:

So troll answer.

If you want it to be, I won’t stop you. :man_shrugging:

You sound worried about a recession, like it’s going to hurt you. That sucks, but not for me. This period of peace and plenty is what sustains me for harder times. I gained weight on the last one, I’m just as responsibly prepared for the next one.

But hey, it’s all Trump’s fault. You have someone to blame when your life choices aren’t making gains for you. :+1: :wink:

I was a Tea Partier in 2010.

I’m still a Tea Partier in 2019.

Now I’m just wondering where all the other Tea Partiers went…


Could have predicted that.

It’s a debt based managed economy. What’s the problem?