2000 pages of Trump tower meeting transcripts released


I quoted you in full. You don’t even know what your saying anymore.


i just like the fact that with this and Cambridge it clearly shows that the trump base are morons who got used. they used your own racial thoughts against you…That is hilarious


There are those of us here for whom the interference charge is not news and we didn’t play dumb when the clues were so blatant. And if Trump listened to the Russians, he’s got a problem.


That was not an answer to my question.

The investigation was not in danger of being derailed, by releasing information. If that was all it would have taken, then it was a sham of a case, wouldn’t you agree?


You quoted me but then your summarization had zero to do with the quote.

“The judge said prosecutors wanted the former Trump campaign official to “sing,” but he worried that Manafort might also “compose.”” <> First your defending him now you’re preemptively accusing Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort of committing perjury to take down Trump?


Define “listened to the Russians”.




Gotta love this one:


Who among us hasn’t told congress they went to California for a few days after the Trump Tower meeting when they actually went to Moscow for a month?


Honest mistake I’m sure


The kids are tired of eating nothing burgers…



Who did Hillary murder?


Thousands of people in Libya…


Murder? Illegal server? Classified emails? Giving uranium to Russia? Pay for play?

You guys own all branches of government? Why is she not in chains? Right now?


ha ha okay.


Obama admin gave her and her people immunity…


Your empathy is touching…


Did you think I was laughing at the Libya situation?



Someone here said that no prosecutor would touch her case. Why are they ignoring murder?