2000 pages of Trump tower meeting transcripts released

This is developing. The House Judiciary Committee released 2000 pages of transcripts taken from interviews of Donnie Jr., and others (though not Jared Kushner) about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians. Chuck Grassley didn’t subpoena Kushner and Feinstein released the Simpson transcript.

This should be interesting reading.

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i got my umbrella for the on coming fecal matter storm

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Yeah, I suspect it’ll be a wild one.

Keep in mind this is the House.

Text message from publicist Rob Goldstone to Russian Emin Agalarov about the meeting.

“I hope this favor was worth it for your dad – it could blow up big.”

I’m waiting to hear how that didn’t mean anything.

The complete documents on the House Judiciary website.

Goldstone also thought the meeting was a bad idea but Donald Jr wanted that promised dirt too much to not have it.

"I believed it was a bad idea and that we shouldn’t do it. And I gave the reason for that being that I am a music publicist. Politics, I knew nothing about. And I said, neither do you and neither does your father. And the answer was simply, I’m only asking you to get a meeting,” Goldstone told lawmakers.

Was there a reason for this? I mean, as far as I know, nothing illegal took place at that meeting, so why release them?

Sometimes I feel sorry for Don Jr.

Can you imagine having Donand Trump as your moral compass who also trained you how to do business?

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Was there a reason for Nunes to release the things that he did besides attempting to derail the investigation?



Just read through a little of Jr.s testimony. They have all his phone records, and we’re drilling down into who he called between calls to the russian guy and stuff…I think the trump clan is screwed.

As far as YOU know there’s nothing, but this wealth of new information could be very revealing. And I do suspect the collusion thing is there and will be uncovered eventually. But the thing is the Trump crime family is not stupid. It’s gonna take work.

Donald Jr admitted to congress to receiving DM’s directly from Wikileaks

THAT’S big.

Finally? We got the Tater?

it really makes you wonder what Mueller has discovered that we don’t know about.

i keep saying that something is gonna outta left field and surprise us all.

Trump may come out of this thing smelling like a rose but his supporters must be waking up every day stressed out/afraid to check the news. it’s always something. every friggin day.

Latest: Bipartisan Senate intelligence committee agrees Russia schemed to help Trump. I’m not exactly sure what that adds to the mix since many already came to that conclusion, but maybe it just reinforces it.

No collusion! You’re the collusion!

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Hmmmmm. Let’s make this easy.

Please select your preferred conservative response:

You got the Tater now.

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