2000 pages of Trump tower meeting transcripts released


I really would like to see editing enabled.


Glad to see them released. Whenever it is questioned whether the campaign colluded with Russia, this meeting is always brought up by those who want there to have been collusion. Now let them find it or shut up (just kidding, they would never do that).


Ok. That, obviously, is on Russia…not Trump.


Yep. And 90% of it is ■■■■ created by the media that doesn’t stick to the wall.


Is that obvious? I get the Russia part. But did the report exonerate Trump?


Collusion delusion… Except for Hillary and Fusion



10 char


i thought this thread would have gotten more traction from the God fearing Americans looking out for her interests


REad what you wrote. “…Russia schemed to help Trump”. Do you see yourself saying “Trump schemed to help the Russians help Trump”. The first statement has only to do with Russia, therefore it is not about Trump. It does not implicate Trump or Sacco and Vansetti, nor does it exonerate them. I never said it exonerated either of them.
Learn English and its usage please.


Even if there’s nothing in these transcripts, it would behoove the country to continue to investigate this until the well runs dry. And the transcripts aren’t the end.


Last chance is to torture Manafort into saying something…as the judge said, whether real or made up.


Don’t play English teacher with me. I’ve written more words than you’ll ever know.

As far as who did what, saying the Russians helped Trump does not exonerate Trump. It brings the question of whether he cooperated with them or did what he was legally bound to do if they offered him help. Indications are he did not. He didn’t go to the FBI as he should have. Why not?


The point is both Doloop and now you seem to interpret what I said about “Russia schemed to help Trump” as being implicating only Russia is the same thing as exonerating Trump from anything. I never said nor implied such a thing. You wanted me to have said that so that you could make a point, but I didn’t say it. What I said was that Russia aiding Trump is on Russia, not Trump. Think smarter, not harder.


A judge said the prosecution was going to make Manafort make false accusations against Donald?


Judge Ellis said that Mueller wanted Manafort to sing, and that there was legitimate concern that he could “compose” as well as sing.


“The judge said prosecutors wanted the former Trump campaign official to “sing,” but he worried that Manafort might also “compose.””


The headline is a little off, its not the transcripts of the meeting in Trump tower, its the transcripts of the house hearing on the meeting.


You’re accusing the government of torturing the head of The Torturer’s Lobby / Trump Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort?


First your defending him now you’re preemptively accusing Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort of committing perjury to take down Trump? Which is it?


You keep summarizing what I say but somehow it is never what I said. Does that really work for you?