2 week pause in Oregon for COVID 19, Should there be Mandatory Testing?

What good will a 2 week pause do to reduce the spread of COVID 19? Gov. Kate Brown announces two-week ‘pause’ on social activities for select counties to slow coronavirus spread - oregonlive.com

This will not change anything or make a difference. It is only my opinion that if you want to reduce the spread then make a mandatory test, then you isolate and shut something down. It doesn’t accomplish anything if you walk around and get your groceries, fuel, medications, doctors appointments, other necessities and wear a mask if you don’t know if you are positive/carrier of COVID or the people providing you those necessities are positive/carrier of COVID 19.
It still comes down to money. Just hurt a few not all and keep scarring the hell out of some people. Either do something meaningful or just learn to live with it. The State leadership keeps doing the same thing. They care only about what might sound good to earn favor of like minded people.

Shut something down?

I’m cool with someone waiting for test results staying home, but not forcing businesses to close.

What I am not good with is more of the same thing that doesn’t work. If State and local leadership won’t learn from failure from the past, other states and other countries then all of us should not have to suffer and see businesses destroyed to the point of not being able to return. There is no amount of money that makes up for stupid decisions that are forced onto others.

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Among other things, it prohibits indoor visits at long-term care facilities; encourages working at home; sets new capacity limits at restaurants to 50 people, including customers and staff; limits capacity at gyms to 50 people; and recommends not gathering with people outside your household, or capping group sizes at six for Oregonians who do gather. The guidance does not apply to houses of worship.

This will accomplish a lot. People getting groceries, gas, and other necessities don’t drive the spread of Covid as much as people packing into bars and dine-in settings. It’s only applied based on certain metrics, and doesn’t even include houses of worship. This is a very narrow measure that most people can cooperate with at little inconvenience to themselves.

The key is to test then isolate. Then you can act. Yes necessities are important, but if people provide you your necessities are a carrier, spreader and positive but don’t know it. What good is it for you to be exposed. A mask, shutdown, or a pause is futile. Maybe a complete shutdown nation wide with no movement at all would work. No of course not.

Well I guess we could accept, (spread not as much) is ok? That is just a delay or putting it off until it there are high numbers again. To me that is pick and choose what business will survive and maybe the lives of those people that provide said services.

In my opinion, a big factor in those settings is how loudly you have to talk so others can hear you. Especially bars. The background music is a big reason for that. People huddle closer and talk louder (project their voices, and SPRAY) to conduct conversations.

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Who decides what is necessary?

I see this POV in such issues as will I be on a suicide hotline if a tattoo or body piercing parlor isn’t open & I cannot get my husband’s name tattooed on me or a tongue piercing?

Probably not (just being facetious here, not really into those things). However, those professionals must also put food on their tables.

Some of those medical checkups deemed unnecessary and something worthy of putting off to “curb the spread”—IMO the language of the pandemic is on the level of an imbecile—probably won’t harm a majority of patients. But others will miss an early opportunity to detect more serious problems before they get more difficult to treat & have further harmed the patients.

The idea of any human being, much less government officials, deciding what is & isn’t necessary is most disturbing.

Question is, how accurate are those tests? Saw a story where Elon Musk took 4 tests in one day, (all 4 tests were drawn by the same technician and put through the same machine) two came back positive, two negative. Anecdotal i know, but food for thought.

If the USA wants to learn what works in other countries they will know that lockdowns and mandatory wearing of masks do work.

Welcome to the Global War on Pandemics. Enjoy being told how to dress, where to hangout, and when you’re allowed to have fun with your friends and family.

A scary new story of potential germs will be scheduled on a regular basis to help remind you to obey.