Oil plummets 13% Worst since April 2020

Oil posted its worst day of the year on Friday, tumbling to the lowest level in more than two months as the new Covid-19 strain sparked fears about a demand slowdown just as supply increases.

It was the biggest single day drop in global crude oil prices since April 2020, when Covid measures and an OPEC+ price war wreaked havoc on markets.

Good news for gas prices? Maybe

Bad news for just about everything else? Probably.

…and the DOW dumped over 900 points. The scare for mail in ballots for the 2022 midterms has begun.


On the crumbs of speculation of more case counts.

Pretty remarkable how malleable everything is.


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Did we dump the petroleum reserves yet?


…and here “we” go!


New York declares covid state of emergency as Gov. Hochul warns omicron variant ‘is coming’

…and from another angle;

Both chambers of Congress will be working in overdrive to try to avoid a government shut and default, both of which would be catastrophic for the economy, which has already been grappling with the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Nailed it (again). :rofl:


…and I started this thread a year ago, suggesting that what’s happening is intentional, for the purpose of the great, global reset of how we think and act. No independence anymore. It’s now…dependence on your government.

It would appear that the timing goes along with the Christian holiday of Christmas. My guess is that if “we” have God, this limits the role of government so…let’s get rid of God.

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Gah, more people will be moving to Florida. Even Pelosi bought a house here. :rage:


You know why everyone on the right sees all of this GWoP nonsense coming from a year away? Uncle Sugar is using the exact same playbook as the GWoT. :wink:


That’s a nice way of putting it.

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I’m all “obeyed” out myself.


Next election Libs on here will be touting Biden oil reserve release for the lowering of oil price. Hoping we forgot about the timing of the new variant.


Lol, hard to give you credit for something so obvious​:joy::joy::joy:


I looked at my stuff yesterday and saw this, and figured something not awesome was going on:


I thought we wanted cheaper gas?


But to what end?

In teh GWoT you could argue the Military complex, of which Dick Cheney was a direct beneficiary, profited, and the Republican Party profited by stoking nationalism to maintain control.

In the GWoP, sure big Pharma profits, but who else? The D’s aren’t going to maintain control. the R’s couldn’t either.

It’s a loser of an issue. No one gains or profits from imposing lockdowns.

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i thought high gas prices were a refection of a good economy??

Might want to look at the rich guys in congress stock portfolios

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Hopefully lead to lower gas prices. To bad it’s because govt interference and not over supply from Americans …

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Not during a dem presidency.

It’s like polling.

All polls good now.