2 top pence aides catch covid

Each of us must navigate our way through this COVID ocean. These people that have caught the virus obviously have to get more into the thick of it. I don’t and hopefully most of us don’t but if you do…choose your course wisely.

It is what it is…right?

That’s what we’ve been told.

They could easily have improved their odds by wearing masks in their workplaces and at large rallies.

I haven’t been with them to know their choices but if you see a behavior that you disagree with, don’t repeat it.

There’s plenty of data for persistent symptoms and possibly a post-COVID syndrome.

Patients were assessed a mean of 60.3 (SD, 13.6) days after onset of the first COVID-19 symptom; at the time of the evaluation, only 18 (12.6%) were completely free of any COVID-19–related symptom, while 32% had 1 or 2 symptoms and 55% had 3 or more. None of the patients had fever or any signs or symptoms of acute illness. Worsened quality of life was observed among 44.1% of patients. The Figure shows that a high proportion of individuals still reported fatigue (53.1%), dyspnea (43.4%), joint pain, (27.3%) and chest pain (21.7%).

60 days after symptom onset only 12.6% were completely symptom-free. A third had 1-2 persistent symptoms, over half had 3 or more continued symptoms. 44% claimed worsened quality of life.

This study showed that the medium-term course of 150 patients with mild or moderate COVID-19 was unfavorable: two-thirds of patients still reported symptoms at D30 and D60 and more than one-third felt still sick or in a worse clinical condition at D60 than at COVID-19 onset.

Two thirds of people still had symptoms 60 days after onset.

Having another outbreak at the WH a week before the elections is pure genius planning. :rofl:

So how many people is it this time? So far.

WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows admits: “We’re not going to control the pandemic.”

Jake Tapper: “Why aren’t we going to get control of the pandemic?”

Meadows: “Because it is a contagious virus.”


More sources than we have for Trump’s wonderful health care plan.


Especially when Meadows admitted they tried to cover this one up too, and then today pretty much admitted they’re giving up mitigation until there’s a vaccine.

But Trump’s supporters don’t care.

All that remains to be seen is if there are enough hidden voters crazy enough to want four more years of this genius planning…

And since this is America today…it wouldn’t shock me in the slightest.

Forty years of many Americans voting against their best interests in favor of the Dual Santa Claus.

Why stop now?


■■■■ grandma, grandpa and idiots with pre-existing conditions. It’s just the damn flu!!



Worst re-election campaign in history. They are gonna teach classes that this what you should not ever do. :laughing::joy::rofl:

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How about I take into consideration the words of a doctor (who I recently saw) who has been treating COVID patients: “Over 99% of my patients only had mild symptoms.”

In other words is okay to listen to a doctor who is actually treating COVID patients to put things into perspective?


They have to take more precautions than everyone else. The question becomes what types of restrictions do you place on everyone else? By the surge in Worldwide case counts it would seem many countries are struggling with this.

That’s why they tried to cover it up.

They’re stupid. But not too stupid to know this is stupid.

Which is, I guess, a special type of stupid.

Countries that are not struggling with this…South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Vietnam etc. etc.

Most transparent administration ever.

That doctor only sees patients with mild symptoms then. That anecdote doesn’t fit the statistics or reality.

81% have mild to moderate symptoms
14% have severe symptoms
5% have critical symptoms

The case fatality rate has remained pretty steady at 2.6% for a while now. If 99% have mild symptoms that means people with mild symptoms are dying? Makes no sense. I’m assuming the doctor is an office based general practitioner sort.


1%? 3%?

Who cares. If everyone gets it we’re only talking, what? Half a Holocaust at 1%?

A Holocaust and a half at 3%?

Jesus. Americans are pansies. Strap your big boy thongs on and go out for a haircut.


Urgent care doctor, not a GP. So he is seeing a more patients and a wider variety.