2 top pence aides catch covid

chief of staff and political advisor.

of course pence wont quarantine despite being n close contact

We sure are rounding the corner on this COVID thing.

Why I’m I not surprised?


I’m now waiting for Scott Atlas to test positive.
Like I have been saying for awhile, these folks can screw up a two car parade.

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Along with Marc Short, the vice president’s chief of staff, three additional staff members and a Pence adviser have also tested positive, according to people briefed on the developments.

These are the same â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  idiots that are in charge of the COVID task force.


Remember the pink eye and cold sore Pence had at the debate? :thinking:


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Okay everybody, line up. Time for the procession of well wishing.

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not worried.

its a safe virus

The safest* virus. Only the safest viruses.

You have no chance of dying until you do.

now its spread to senator loefflers staff

They don’t want to panic anyone.

and it keeps getting safer

no need to worry

Except it’s not.

Up to 10%…maybe more…of COVID infections lead to long term complications. Many of these people were healthy with no pre-existing conditions and indeed may have not even suffered any symptoms of COVID.

But what the hell? Everyone dies someday…who cares if there’s a little long term suffering to go along with that?

Besides, Trump’s miraculous health care plan will help them…right?

But we’ll have to cut off coverage for pre-existing conditions before we can see what’s in Trump’s awesome plan.

and of course you wont link your source

it’s obvious why

multi paragraph long vent screed

There is now a better then 99.99% survival rate, so really what is the big deal anymore? Those numbers are better then for the seasonal flu. :roll_eyes:

And according to the CDC “science” only 6% of the total covid deaths are actually attributed to the virus itself so it’s time for us to get back to normal life and deal with this virus instead of “hair on fire” abject fear, lock downs and stupid mask wearing. IMO

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This is a nonstory actually. Other than dems still trying to gin up some sort of fear until after nov 3rd. :grin:

The number one guy in the office of the task force to deal with Covid has Covid?

Nothing better could illustrate Trumpist governance.

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