“1776 Commission” Pro-American History To Counter “The 1619 Project”

Announced today by Trump

My question is, Does “pro-American” history include or exclude slavery? What about the civil war? Is that considered pro-American?

Trump is trying to position the 1776 commission against the 1619 project. He is literally saying that slavery isn’t a part of our history.

“All men are created equal (except you black men)”

This will fail miserably and is just red meat for his base.

You all complain he has no policies for his second term.

He’s been laying them out for weeks, including this one.


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“all men are created equal“

is it true or not?

Do you agree with this “policy”? Should we stop teaching slavery because it isn’t “pro-American”

In 1776???

Not when the constitution was signed… clearly.

I’m puzzled why anyone would think “1776” would counter-act “The 1619 Project”.


Was it in 1776?

No, he’s not.

Try to read for comprehension next time.

Does anyone even know what this curriculum includes or are we all just making up our minds ahead of time?

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Its just more red meat for his “rah rah America is perfect” base

So is slavery pro-American?

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The Union Army winning the war certainly is. :man_shrugging:


No one knows, not even Trump. We just know it will be “pro-American”.

Calling it the 1776 Commission puts it clearly in opposition of the 1619 project.

OK, so just making up our minds ahead of time. Thank you for answering that for me.


Agreed. But there was a time between 1619 and 1865 where slavery existed. What is Trump trying to do here by calling this “pro-American”?

yes, it was

My 2 cents, slavery and Jim Crow were an abomination but America is still the greatest nation on Earth!


The same government running things today won the Civil War, ending slavery.


right. esp since nowadays we honor what the constitution says.

in therms of men created equal anyway