1500 stimulus check but only if you get the vaccine

i like the idea.
a guy on cnbc just made the proposal

1500 stimulus checks but in order to get them you must get the vaccine.
they could format it so that you get the 1500 check right away but if you dont get the vaccine you have to repay it


A good tactic for the poor. But you’ll have to add two zeros to that number to get me to take the vaccine right away. Add two 0s and I’m on board.


I think it would have to hinge on whether or not the person gets the SECOND shot. Isn’t it a two-step vaccination process?

I’m concerned that a lot of people will get the first shot, but not the second, leaving the immunization compromised. And what if that dynamic results in a COVID mutation that becomes immune to the immunization?

the social-engineering aspect of the proposal is somewhat troubling, but it’s certainly an outside-the-box idea that I believe WOULD increase vaccination acceptance. And it’s not a coercive proposal. People can choose to accept or reject the offer.

And that’s certainly your prerogative to reject the offer.

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A cute little authoritarian dream in exchange for one month’s worth of mortgage.


This should prevent people from not getting the second shot. No second shot, no card.

no problem

1500 + 0 +0 = 1500

now go get your shot!


You crack me up. I’m not doing anything I don’t want to do unless I am compensated. Everyone has a price and so do I. I don’t have a mortgage, I don’t have car payments, 1,500 isn’t even noticeable. 15k wouldn’t be remotely life altering. I want 150k per person. At least for me. Along with my wife that would be 300k. If they can suck you in for 1,500, go for it. Who am I to tell you what’s best for you?

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30+ trillion missing since 9/11. They owe you at least 96k.

Exactly WHY does anyone think people will need bribes to take the vaccine and how much will this delay the distribution?

What a stupid idea.

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I was forced to get the H1N1 vaccine in Baghdad. Did y’all get paid for that one?

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Because it will get the masses of unwashed to run for the vaccine. 1500 is motivation for a lot of people. Think, family of 4, $6,000. Are you kidding me?

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Free should be accessible enough. If you want it.

It will motivate healthy young people with no savings.


They just had a meeting to prioritize the initial limited distribution.

I didn’t think so either, but if they’re gonna start bribing people for it, I have several pages of vaccines in need of retro pay. lol

If they’re going to offer incentives, the vaccine needs to be available for all or the incentive needs to continue for a year after it is.

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Anthrax should be x6 payout.

Liquid lava…

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Aww man, I only made it to the first booster shot. lol

Have you read Toll Collector’s posts on this thread?

I wonder which demographics they are really worried about refusing it.

I don’t think it’s so much about refusing as it is getting vaccinated post haste. The 1500 per person should get a lot of people on board quickly.