13 million for trumps maralago visits

So its cost us taxpayers 13 million so far in security and what not for him to go to his own resort.

So if we subtract what he has donated he has covered
.4ish of this bill with his donations.

Ever the grift…ever the con…

For a man who said he would be too. Busy to leave the White House he sure found a lot of time to be someplace else.

Typically I dont care what it costs to secure a president. It’s part of the job you know? But with his statements and donations…its just amusing to watch people get suckered

I am sure I heard him say he would be too busy to play golf!

From the cited article.

The Palm Beach Post reports that the federal government has reimbursed nearly $10 million to local taxpayers since September of 2018, with another $3.8 million yet to be paid.

Did Donald Trump say that he would be too busy to play golf as President? How many times, if any, has Trump played golf during his presidency?

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Technically less than that. Remember the $400K donation is tax deductible (assuming Trump itemizes and doesn’t take a standard deduction and use the short form).

If only the dimocrats would end their “resistance” and help the president do things to help our country. Instead they have made everything about him.

What else can he do?

Isn’t it nice though to have a president who isn’t a pauper who has to rent out luxurious mansions they can’t otherwise afford?

The last fool couldn’t even pay off his college debts until after he became POTUS.

I can’t recall a single president in my lifetime that didn’t receive push-back from an opposing party.

From memory there is well in excess of 100 pieces of bipartisan legislation that have been passed by the House of Reps that M McConnell has failed to do anything with in the Senate.

As to your question about what he could do my recommendation would for him to start reading some books starting perhaps with “Dick and Dora” books.

Now come on… A whole heap of folks carry college debt. It’s not a great fool criteria determiner.

How bipartisan are we talking here?

I mean, the decision to impeach the president was bipartisan AGAINST. Is that what we’re talking about??

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True. But the dude was a lawyer, college professor and politician who wrote two books about himself.

There had to be money lying around somewhere before he became POTUS.

Maybe they’ll do that once he actually starts to push for things that help this country.

Nothing but a personal downward spiral for my family since he’s been elected.

Since I was referring to legislation passed by the House of Reps it can’t have anything to do with the impeachment of D Trump.

Good thing we have so many “resistance” members to tell us exactly how to do that.

They’re very helpful.

Because the HoR had nothing to do with impeaching the president??

Great point.

No, it’s been largely the same trajectory as it was before he became president. A little better in some areas and a little worse in others.

Well the soup lines alone take up so much time.

For the sake of argument…

And you were so unhappy with this trajectory before trump took office?? I don’t remember you peeping about it back then.