12 Republicans voted against honoring the Capitol Police and others that defended the Capitol during the riot

This one sounds like a no-brainier.

Some Republicans took issue with the legislation’s language, particularly that it referred to the Capitol attackers as “insurrectionists.”

Here it is in a nutshell and it’s from your article;

They said they disagreed with the legislation characterizing the Capitol siege as an insurrection.

the creation of three Congressional Gold Medals - one for the Capitol Police, one for the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, DC, and one meant for display by the Smithsonian to acknowledge other agencies that helped defend the Capitol from pro-Trump rioters who stormed the building.

It’s political bull feces that isn’t about honoring anybody. They are just the pawns being used to permanently characterize that day in the history books as an INSURRECTION and to discredit Trump and Trump supporters. My hat is off to those 12.


I agree it was an insurrection, but then again, so are all the lefts violent protests. Technically any time you fight the cops, it’s an insurrection. Black men resisting arrest, also insurrection. Illegals crossing the border, insurrection.

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Now there’s some dishonest spin!

Well done!!!

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What a lame-ass smokescreen.

You get a medal for standing aside now?


I applaud them. There was no capitol insurrection. No one was trying to overthrow the US government.

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Why didn’t Nancy accept the protection of the national guard?

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You mean the capital police that shot unarmed woman?


Interesting that they vote to honor the capitol police and refuse to even support the police dealing with the other riots across the country. :angry:


You mean the woman who was trespassing on federal property and trying to breach a doorway that led to a area where members of Congress were being secured?

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Now that is some funny stuff.

Are the words “pro-Trump” in the legislation?
Or is the language non-partisan and you object to characterizing an attempt to block the counting of Electoral College ballots as an “insurrection”.

Attempting to block the counting of the Electoral College votes is an attempt to overthrow the Constitution.


So you have no problem if I shot unarmed person trespassing on my property/buildings then?

Edit to ass…it was actually public property. :wink:


Did the resolution include honoring the still-unnamed lieutenant who shot Ashli Babbit dead for no apparent reason?

He could have arrested this 5’2”, 110-pound woman easily, but instead he shot her. You don’t use deadly force unless you are confronted with a threat to your life or a threat on somebody else’s life. There was no immediate threat to the Officer or to anyone else. That corridor was clear of Congressmen, there wasn’t even a Congressman close to Ashli Babbitt. She was not a threat and it’s baffling why he would go ahead and shoot her first rather than take the other steps of merely arresting her.
"We Don't Know Why She Was Shot. There Was No Good Reason Why She Was Shot" - Ashli Babbitt's Legal Team Discusses Case On Tucker Carlson (Video) | The Gateway Pundit | by Tayler Hansen | 117

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Depends on what the law is in your state. In some states you can shoot a unarmed person who is trespassing on your property.
And you are correct, the Capital is public property. However at the time it was closed to the public because of Covid-19. And it was also closed to the public because any federal building is closed to the public when a person who has 24/7 Secret Service protection is present in the building. In this case the Vice President.

There was a crowd in back of her who had just smashed out the windows and had various weapons in their hands. What do you think that crowd was going to do while they took her aside and put the cuffs on her? I read that there were rooms off that corridor where members of Congress were hiding. And there were both Democrat and Republican members who said that when they heard how close the crowd was they removed their Congressional pins hoping that they would not be recognized. They said that they were in fear for their lives.

The one that was shoved through a window and shot when her head was down.

Had a professional videographer to get the footage.

Nothing that night stick couldn’t have handle…crack on the head would have forced her back throw door window she was trying to crawl through.