Zeitgeist / Christianity Astrology

Interesting ideas. Not all are accurate I’m sure. But it makes you wonder how much of Christian mythology is just repackaged astrology / fertility gods / worshippers. God being the “sun”. 12 disciples and the zodiac. Celebrating the suns birth around winter solstice. And the similarities of Jesus and other ancient fertility gods/ virgin births / etc.

That from the zeitgeist documentary? The whole thing was pretty unreliable. I like Aron Ra’s take on the origins of the deity Yaweh.

Never heard of Aron Ra. Whats the general idear?
Ya that zeitgeist movie definitely take with a huge grain of salt. But the general idea of western abrahamic religion being inspired by mythologies of older fertility gods amd astrology I think is a fair mode of research. Watching zeitgeist at least gets the gears turning

Read “The Hero of a Thousand Faces” by Joseph Campbell. It examines all the myths of the different religions and the many things they have in common. The Jesus myth is actually very common.


I remember watching some documentary of his I think in an art history course or something. I’ll check that out