Your favorite church buildings

If you are a traveler, do you ever visit the churches in the cities you visit to see their architecture and so on - either ancient or modern?

If so, please share the church architecture you love the most, and why.

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I like the Christchurch Priory in Christchurch England. Its beautiful but simple and has a mystical history.
Better than that I appreciate the Free Masons who build the beautiful ones that incorporate God given geometry and architecture.

Red brick. :grin:

The chapel at the Air Force Acadamy.

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A great example of modern architecture.

St. John’s Chapel in the Tower of London.

Less for it’s style and more for its age - 11th century. I was a little awestruck being able to walk around in there trying to grasp the sense of history.

In 2007 I was fortunate enough to go to Europe. I spent a couple of days in Rome. In any back alley, the nicest church I ever saw was there. It was incredible.

Having been to Europe a few times, specifically the U.K.(London, Cardiff, etc.), France and Germany I have seen some very nice Church structures.

However, I still think the Shrine of the immaculate conception right here in D.C. on the campus of CUA is amazing. I did a photo assignment there back in the early 2000s and took some amazing photos.
Another place is the Mormon Temple, which you can see from the capital beltway near Wheaton, Maryland. Never been inside, but been on the grounds.

I spent seven years in Germany and my two favorites were the Cathedral at Trier in Germany and Chartes in France. And this is coming from an atheist.

I’ve never been out of the country so I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the great churches of Europe.

Where I live most churches aren’t that old. Mid 20th century. There are a few buildings that were built in the 1800s though that are nice.

St. Peters the thing is a work of art.

By far and away the prettiest church I ever saw was the “Church of our lady before Tyn” in Prague.