Your favorite apps

How about a thread on your favorite apps for certain purposes.

Let’s start with a Calendar app.

I’ve got one that came with my LG (Android), but I’m not too impressed with it.

Anyone use a Calendar app that is just fantastic?

I’ve used Google Calendar, but mostly because I had to coordinate my schedule with other people.

Other than that, I’ve never really been good about keeping a calendar for myself.

If this is a general “app” thread, I’m interested in a new, good podcast app.

I use Stitcher, because I’m grandfathered into their Premium service, but it won’t allow Patreon paid RSS feeds… I’m currently using Podcast Addict, but it appears to drain my battery much faster than it should.

Yep, I’d like it to be a general app thread.

Any app is good to be discussed here.

Love these apps:

Flightradar24- I have an infatuation with seeing airplane routes
Chromecast- Best app to mirror phone to tv
Mint- Best budget app, been using it for years.