Previously, we discussed #WHATDOTHEYWANT. We listed some foundational tenets of our white Christian culture. These included tolerance, inclusion #the melting pot, dissent, representation, due process, property rights, bearing arms, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech. Now, we can add rugged individualism, patriotism and of course the protestant work ethic. More or less the notion of self-reliance on which liberty depends.

It is clear to all but those with the most clouded lens, that an organized cadre of interests have formed to lay waste to our God given rights, and also those protected by our Bill of Rights. Historical symbols are just a symptom of a violent outbreak of destructive tendencies. How long before the clique demands the destruction of houses of worship? Once religion is exorcised from our culture, the rest of our rights will soon be eviscerated, but in the pursuit of what? Is the progressive faith so superior it is beyond critique?

This path will facilitate the destruction of the Protestant work ethic. The new morality presumes that work is antithetical to freedom. Why work and be self-reliant when you can do nothing and receive basic income. Better yet the basic income is equal pay for no work. But equality and identity disappear in the new proposed morality. Labels are only useful to identify voting blocks of obedient followers.

Our founders have long been under attack for hypocrisy, greed, elitism and barbarism. How can we be proud of our history? We are now taught bullet points that cannot be argued, unless of course you include the truth and then the bullet points are duds. But do not be deterred, all that talk of freedom only benefits the one percent. Ninety Nine percent do not need to work for the top one percent with all the money. The land of opportunity is a myth in the new world paradigm. What, given the oppression in our history, could any American be proud of? American Patriots are indeed evil, and history proves it.

Imagine the surprise of so many immigrants that the lands they left, were morally superior to the land they arrived at. Those rugged individuals were obviously mistaken to leave their families and customs only to be exploited by capitalists. They came by the millions, braved the seas, disease and indigenous people, only to be exploited. A few became rich. If they just stayed home, they could have lived as they always had, in a static and stable society like progressives want to return to. Imagine that appears to be progress for some.

What we are learning is that work is pointless. What could you possibly achieve when the elite oppress you? This is the same message that Blacks have been told for years. The white elites hold you down. They are conservative Republican racists and elitists. Billionaires that made their money off your back. Look to the 1619 project to learn more. Odd that most billionaires today seem to support democrats.

Yes, blacks have been fed this excrement for years, and now the message is being pushed on all people. WE can presume that the message has been destructive to the black community and will have the same impact on the broader population. Vote for us because the system is stacked against you. It is not blacks that are oppressed, we are all oppressed #BLACKLIVESMATTER. This is so obvious that it almost escapes detection.

Given that speech is being restricted so that micro aggressions can be avoided. Assembly must be avoided to save lives, unless there is something to protest of course. Comments sections must be shut down to avoid dissent. There is a new right not mentioned in the Bill of Rights, that has been established. That is the newfound ability to occupy territory, if you desire. You can even levy taxes if you want. Perhaps these new rights make some forget about the rights they are surrendering. Who needs rights when you can be a power of your choice without limits?

We are all aware of what the new enlightened are against. What we do not know is what does the new order look like in practice? Who can say what? Where can we travel? Do we need to work? What is a crime? Can thought be a crime? IF someone deserves it can they be killed? Is everything OK because maybe they had a reason to feel threatened? Who has to work and for who? Do we get cars? Health care? School? Shelter? Can we have children? What will they be taught? What happens if the consensus cannot be maintained? Do we have courts? Is there opposing points of view? Must we all agree all the time? #WHATDOTHEYWANT

#BLACKLIVESMATTER is not in pursuit of social justice. Those that are blindly obedient to the narrative do not see the larger objective. Police abuse is the point of the spear. You cannot separate the actions of Google and Facebook, taking over territory for a summer of love, bans on places to assemble for whites, the Green New Deal, government controlled media, spying on political opponents, false narratives of collusion and impeachment from #BLACKLIVESMATTER. The BLM agenda is part of a larger cultural war that aims at mass subjugation as in all socialist movements that are motivated by a pursuit of equality.

While you may believe you are supporting social justice in your heart. Your mind should tell you that you are promoting cultural destruction in a manner no military could ever achieve. #YOUDONTGETIT while you pursue rights for those that suffer inequitable justice, you are throwing away justice for all. Moreover, you are destroying the American Dream of upward social mobility so that your posterity will live in ostensibly the dark ages. #DOYOUGETITNOW.

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just please make your ops more concise. i know you are impassioned. but its not practical to read multiple fat paragraph word walls

it was concise, very concise, almost impossibly concise. only 965 words concise when books should be written.

On the other hand i want i not concise attack of the reasoning, especially the part of poor me I am being held down

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It was not concise. Your essays wander and can’t stay on a single topic.

there is no such thing as a single topic. i would like to see the Corwell agenda expressed in one sentence.
or a single issue candidate for office.

There was a single topic of cultural war by the left on America, The different issues raised were all examples of the same agenda.

Are you familiar with the term “Gish gallop”?


No they weren’t.

and they were laid out pretty clearly