You had better hurry libs, Jim Crow is on the way!

Better impeach now before we “put y’all back in chains” as crazy uncle Joe once said.
Our grand sinister plan is almost ready for implementation. The real eeevil will soon rear it’s ugly head. Or head it’s ugly rear.

Is there no end to the hysteria? I love it!!!:smiley:

Here is his exact tweet

He isn’t saying that Jim Crow will come back. He is saying that the rhetoric of Trump supporters reminds his 90 year old Aunt of Jim Crow times.


Well luckily it’s not like one of his closest advisers was outed as an outright white nationalist recently.


What Trump & his klan of sycophants try to corrupt America back to a perverse re-conjuring of her Jim Crow

What exactly does that mean? As a Trump supporter he appears to be referring to me. He mentioned Jim Crow and the Klan. What the hell do I have to do with either?


wasn’t Trump chief advisor recently busted for sharing White Nationalist publications…
oh ya he was.

So you’re all in with the conspiracy too? So when do you think the Jim Crow will start. It’s been three years. I missed the last meeting.

His tweet was over the top, I don’t know why its news.

His tweet is a little dramatic and it’s not even a viral tweet.

I loosely understand his tweet tho. For example why is Steven Miller still in the White House.? He is the guy with input on immigration policy and he expresses racist views.

What is his most offensive quote in your opinion?

Why is it that a tweet from an actor gets more outrage than a white nationalist working as a close Presidential advisor?


Outed by whom? His political opponents? What exactly was his crime? And what does that have to do with me?

I thought all of the Presidents advisors were white nationalists. And his supporters too. Yes?
What exactly am I supposed to be outraged by. Example?

Oh I see they are trying to stoke racism with lying projecting…

But the left is all about identity politics lolololololol…

Worthless rag

Aren’t conspiracies supposed to be secret?
Trump is not part of a white nationalist conspiracy.

The one in black face?

Wow…that’s absurd, obnoxious, immature and cowardly. What a sore turd loser.

Dude. Stephen Miller straight up shared white nationalist stuff with Breitbart.

That should be unacceptable to anyone.


Just another whiny snowflake. Some seem to be actually losing their minds.

Well Steven Miller is still in a position of influence within the wh. Why?

It is a question that no one likes the answer to