Yes We Yang: Mr. 1k Per Month qualifies for the 3rd debate

Thanks to the latest Monmouth poll for Iowa, Andrew Yang became the 9th candidate to qualify for the 3rd debate. Congratulations Mr. Yang.

Gabbard and Castro are close. They have the donations, but need more qualifying polls to get in.

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What about Maryanne?

Gabbard need to play the weeeed card

There’s nobody named Maryanne running for President. The closest person is Marianne Williamson, and she’s mighty behind: 115450 donors and 0 qualifying polls.

She’s with the professor and Ginger.

I read earlier that yang is polling higher than flappy bird.

Too funny.

They could have gotten off that island like two dozen times! ■■■■■■■ Gilligan!


In the August Monmouth, Yang is polling at 2% and tied with Gillibrand for 8th place. Still not good enough. Well at least he’s making more than the participation trophy debates.

They’re still just trying to check all of their boxes.

But we all know that dimocrats love their old white men candidates.

This isn’t about “winning”. It’s about who is losing…the least. Chik-a-boom, chik-a-boom. :sunglasses:

They say if you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result, that’s insanity.

We must have all been insane watching every episode thinking this is the one where they finally get off the island.

That’s a shame. I like Marryanne

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