WRONG! Rep. Tlaib Says Americans Don’t Like Socialism Because they ‘Don’t Understand It’ | Sean Hannity

Recently sworn-in Rep. Rashida Tlaib defended her socialist policies from President Trump’s fierce defense of freedom following his State of the Union address Tuesday night; bizarrely claiming American’s don’t like socialism because they “don’t understand it.”

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Believe it or not, schools in this country actually used to teach about socialism, communism, democracy and republicanism. We new what socialism and communism were. We fought wars to combat the extremes of socialism and communism. It is because of the infiltration of our colleges and universities with socialist and communist dogma that the younger people today have become so brainwashed. We have allowed the Socialists and Communists to do through our schools what they couldn’t do on the battlefield, just like Marx, Engles and Lenin instructed in their writings.

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This woman comes to our country to escape the atrocities of her country, and the first thing she wants to do, is to take away our freedoms. I understand how she got elected. You can’t go into MI especially Dearborn or MN without hitting islamic rule and or sharia law. Enough is enough. This country will never be socialist, and if I have to lock and load, I will.

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What i think she fails to understand is the current fiscal condition the united states post office finds itself in. Someone should remind her of that.

It is amazing to me that the Dem/Progressives love to say that President Trump is not Presidential. Look at this woman they celebrate. She has a filthy mouth, and absolutely no idea what appropriate behavior is. And, she is a traditional America hater, an Israel Jewish hater, and wants it to be legal to kill full term healthy babies because it’s inconvenient for their mothers to have them mess up their lives at the time. Makes me sick.

I think it is time to lock and load, as a safety measure against the Democrats! I will not have them taking over my home, through a sharia law, or alt leftist, like Black Lives Matter! All lives matter! Good grief! It is why we, Republicans do not believe in abortion! , Now they are willing to murder a newborn baby!? What has happened to our Country, is insanity running amok! BLM wrote an article in the Louisville Courier-Journal that it is their turn to live in our homes, with their young families to see what it is like growing up in a well to do neighborhood! It is called working one hundred hours a week, not taking fancy vacations, saving your money! Socialism is not working in Great Britain! It indeed is not working in Germany! When engineers with small children design BMW’s, they live in crummy apartments, with a young
German enlisted man, and his young family! It is because housing is so expensive, that only the very Wealthy can afford a nice, but small home.

This statement should be how we open up economics 101…you have 2 cows, the government takes one, thats socialism. You have 2 cows, the government takes both and gives you a cup of milk each day…thats communism. Yoy have 2 cows, you sell one and buy a bull…thats capitalism.