WRONG! Hear the Mainstream Media’s EPIC FAIL on Buzzfeed’s Bogus, Anti-Trump Hit Piece | Sean Hannity

The mainstream media’s full-fledged feeding frenzy surrounding Buzzfeed’s phony anti-Trump hit piece exposed the press’s blatant bias this week; with countless networks, pundits, and politicians baselessly predicting the president’s impeachment.

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You yanks along with us Brits are the laughing stock of the world. By the actions of our governments. Which by the way. We elected. There has got to be change on both sides of the pond. BIG CHANGES.

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Dear Joe, you are half right. You need a new PM that will do what you voted in Brexit. We have the person for whom we voted and he is trying to do what we want him to do. As for being the laughing stock that is assuming that we think the rest of the world should control our country like they were doing to yours in EEU. Just because millions of European Lemmings think it is a good idea to jump off the cliff into the new world order with no borders. . .go ahead and jump. We will keep the high ground.

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It was a feeding frenzy. Once the lie was out there, it became the truth.

BuzzFeed was the fall guy that provided the meat for this story. Once that was accomplished, the ever so self righteous comrades in arms took up the baton and passed it around to keep the story in the front lines of the abusive, lying media. Mission accomplished. All the dumbed down disciples also ran with it and fed the lies and venom on social media with the backing of Twitter, FB, Google, Instagram etc., etc!

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They took it from the Nancy Pelosi Play Book that is all over the internet. Make the lying smear and the press reports it and then just act on what the press reports.

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The website listing the media blunders is not up and running. I am very interested in getting my hands on a list of media lies and missteps as it applies to President Trump and candidate Trump. I have people in my family who believe the activists pretending to be journalist are speaking truth and have no other agendas. A list would go a long way in showing them that they need to look elsewhere for real news because what they have been getting from traditional sources is not news but propaganda.
I don’t know who said, “It is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled” Oh man! Truer words have seldom been spoken. I am hoping that compiled evidence will go a long way to convincing some otherwise intelligent people that they have been played.

It is a big problem that they play up the lie with the word “impeachment” coming out of the mouth of every talking head (expert) the media could get their hands on with many hours of coverage, you could not get away from it. However when the truth comes out they barely skim over it. So many will never know that the lie was even told. The only thing they should do to bind Freedom of the Press is that every minute they give to false stories or untrue stories they should be required to give the same amount of air time and talking heads to play up the retraction or the fact that debunks their theory.