Would you still support trump

The state of New York has been given the green light to get his taxes, trump is pushing it to the supreme court and keeps talking about presidents not being able to be under criminal investigation while in office. Why would an innocent man say something like that? If hes a giant tax cheat or poor is it in the past or would it effect your support? Just curious.

Cheating is OK I guess. Morals and integrity don’t mean much any more.

But if he’s poor…I’m out!!!

We worship RICH people in the USA. :heavy_dollar_sign: :us::heavy_dollar_sign::us:

That was his attraction to most. A successful businessman to turn things around. Imagine if it was a ruse

Are you asking if Trump cheated on his taxes, would I still support him? Yes…as my President. As a tax cheat, I want him prosecuted after he leaves office.