Would you Leave your daughter alone in the room with Bill Clinton?

Keep this in mind. Slick Willy paid off at least one or more women that he raped. He had a lot come forward, and admit that he took advantage of them. Of course for some odd reason women only seem to come forward and accuse Trump only at a specific time within his political running race against Hillary for President. Ironic isn’t that? So with Bill, he also flew over fantasy island, but supposedly didn’t land. You know thee island where there were underaged prostitutes???

Trump wife said he raped her under oath during their divorce.

Don’t blindly believe everything that you’re told. Especially with the mainstream lying liberal media. Lying Liberals. I just made that up right now. Catchy aint it?

No. And I wouldn’t vote for him for President either.

And that doesn’t change the fact that Trump is a philandering mysoginistic ****y-grabbing pile of garbage.

Yet you have no issue saying Clinton is a rapist.

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Alone with Trump though?


I’ll take what he’s having! lol.

Okay, then go order yourself a chicken burrito from Qdoba and chase that dragon with water and a lemon slice.

uuuummmmmm Clinton is a guy that pardoned his drug dealing brother.
In fact Slick Willy looks like he probably does cocaine. I wouldn’t doubt it.
Considering the fact that the Clintons in general are the poster children for evil and corruption in general, yes, yes I think that it would be safe to say that more than likely he is probably a rapist.

I agree, Dumpster Donnie and Slick Willie are two nasty peas of a disgusting pod.

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I would leave my middle daughter in a closed soundproof room with Donny.

Oh, I would love to.


who’s Dumpster Donnie?


I’m being 100 percent serious. I don’t get out much.

Thinking the same…my daughter would beat the ■■■■ out of that old man. She is a tough one. I taught her to never take any crap from anyone. Never to be afraid. When she was two…she’d stand at the top of the stairs and jump down into my waiting arms. She had full faith I’d never drop her. She is a true tough guy. I love that about her. She can shoot a gun, she can shoot a bow and arrow…and I trust her to handle her self.

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My daughter is retired military, she would kick the bone spurs right out of that fat man.

wait! Who’s the fat man you’re talking about? It can’t be Clinton. He’s skin and bones, and looks like he’s on crack! lmao! I enjoyed watching that interview with that awesome African American reporter and Clinton, and Slick Willy exploded on him. hahaha. One of thee best moments of my life! Watching thee Clintons implode on themselves! And actually getting caught! lol.

That was one of the best moments of your life?

That statement is a great psychological explanation for Trump’s success.

So the OP is saying Clinton and Trump are pretty much the same when it comes to young ladies?

I can agree with that!