Would like to see a cooperation agreement on marijuana legalization

As I sit here in the hotel room on a business trip in which I go to home tomorrow I can’t help but think does the person a few doors down realize that his joint has ranked the whole third and fourth floors? I am not sure how they deal with these issues in cities where it is legalized my only complaint is the smell not the fact that he is higher than a kite. I realize he shouldn’t be smoking anyway at the hotel but they are obviously are not going door to door near midnight trying to figure out where Snoop dog is.

Again np with legalization just wish there was and oderless version or they ate it when around crowds. Not sure how this is being handled if at all in cities were it is fully legal. I only have the problem with the smell it’s very strong nothing against what people choosing to do it. So again all for legalization just wish something could be cooperated on it overpowering everyone else like a Cypress Hill video.


Apartment building I lived in before prohibited smoking marijuana on premises and enforced it. Your hotel could have a similar rule. Many don’t allow tobacco use either for the same reason.

As someone chemically sensitive, I’m sorry to hear you’re stuck with the odor of a neighbor’s weed. I’m a supporter of legalization on a federal level, both medicinal and recreational, but don’t know about any states where open usage is legal, except maybe Colorado.

If you own property under an association, I’m sorry, but smoking in the units is perfectly legal. If a renter, landlords probably forbid smoking indoors, at least here in MA.

I hope your stay is temporary and ending soon at the hotel.

There are all sorts of non-odorizing options for ingesting cannabis (edibles). He was just being an inconsiderate jerk.

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Either that or the guy should have gotten in his car and smoked.

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I get a kick out of the number of idiots getting high in their vehicles. In traffic the smell is inescapable.
It’s so comfortable knowing there are that many likely impaired drivers around you.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Another in a long list of why car insurance is ridiculous in south Florida.

In Missouri, the smell of cannabis is no longer sufficient cause for instigating a DUI investigation. I would be sure about nuances like that before you come across some washed up high school jock with a badge and something to prove.

We put that in with our constitutional amendment because it happens a lot in states where they legalized. Cops will always find a way to fund their department’s wishlist.