Would joe biden Encourage Young Black Men And Women To Join Their Local Police Force Or The Military?

I’ve seen lots of hate and derision of said groups from dimocrat politicians over the years, with a special emphasis on the police hate right now. Many have suggested local police should reflect their communitites, and a lot of them do, but apparently libs in the street feel it necessary to label black and brown officers with some of the most vile language and epithets you would hear in today’s America.

There have been many exceptional people to come out of the ranks of both the police and the military.

Right now I can’t imagine any dimocrat suggesting enrollment in either, including joe biden.

Would he??

Ask him.

I have no idea, but if they did join, let’s say, the police force, white harpies would shriek at them “You’re part of the problem!”.

An entire OP based on conjecture. Sweet.

Would Joe Biden encourage me to reply to your post?

No, Joe Biden hates posts!

Ask biden something?? Do I look like a reporter who, coincidentally, rarely asks joe biden a question??

The man has a 45 year record as as politician. Has he ever advocated for such??

joe biden and the internet. Not a good mix.

You tell me.

I’ll bet he’s sent at least one email before in his life.

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Biden’s own son is in the National Guard.

This is really weird metric. I haven’t seen Trump encourage people to join the military or police force. Did i miss something?

Donald Trump’s 1993 prenup with Marla Maples established that his $100,000 child support payments for Tiffany Trump would end if she joined the military.


If Biden keeps this up, there’s no way @ohknow35 will vote for Joe Biden.

biden has a black son?? That is news.

I thought that was bill clinton.

Mostly just locking up “thugs and predators” as far as the eye can see.

And no he’s not.