Would insecurity be the main cause of our creating adoring evil gods?

Would insecurity be the main cause of our creating adoring evil gods?
Humans are the most insecure animals on the planet.
The root of our selfish gene creates insecurity, which feeds our tribal nature; feeding our desire to join religions and other tribes. This we should see as a loving gesture.
This loving bias simultaneously creates a hate or negative bias to whatever would threaten a human’s new tribe.
Hate is thus good and should not be censored.
In its expression on such sites, I think it would improve us all if we showed our hate with more couth and fewer locker room expletives. I digress.
Our gods, who are political and religious; are all good in our eyes. Yet, they use concepts like killing and genocides, inquisitions and jihads, penalties for minor infractions, — like death, — that goes way past an eye for an eye, — etc. etc. etc.
We are what we think our ideals are. I think we are more moral than our ideal garbage gods.
Our insecurity wants a god that is all powerful and will do anything to save you, and to hell with all that you do not like. Our selfish gene wants to rule the world.
If not insecurity, why do you think we give up our freedom to political and religious con persons and other flagrant liars?

We invent gods to explain what we can’t understand, and to endow ourselves with a sense of purpose and significance, because we can’t bear the idea of the humble alternative reality …

Curtains up, show time, lights out forever.

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I agree that when theists start to believe in the supernatural, it is a mental and moral killing of the light of reason in the victim.

I think that living in reality, bad or not, to be better than living a delusional life.