Would Google and youtube let Galileo publish?

The head of youtube says they sensor any health information that’s not approved by the WHO, and they also put messages on people who argue against man caused global warming.

“Anything that would go against World Health Organization recommendations would be a violation of our policy.”

So, they are only allowing institutionally approved information. Back in the day the catholic Church was basically a kind of federal govt and like Google only wanted approved information to be published…

So, would youtube let Galileo publish…? No!

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I can’t get The New York Times or Breitbart to publish my writings.



Quacks and conspiracy looms are the only ones who could object to this.

Far too late though, but now that Q Anon people are murdering whoever hosts that nonsense on their platform could have legal exposure.

Yes they would let Galileo publish.

He had scientific evidence for his claims.

Repeatable scientific evidence that even the skeptics could see.

Conspiracy theorists and quacks are the modern day Catholic Church, actually.

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Tyranny is the libs version of liberty and freedom for the opposition.

Youtube and Gailileo aren’t companies I would look at if I were going to publish scientific information. If Gallileo were alive, he would likely be looking into trying to publish through scientific journals and / or other publishers that published scientific works.

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Q anon was not broadcast on all the major outlets for three years like the conspiracy theory about Russian collusion.

See… The Left Wing conspiracy theory of russians stealing an election went main stream by college “educated” journalists, not a few kooks on Reddit.

The Worse part is they knew they were lying to you as their sources told the truth under oath in congress when behind closed doors. But they would still let them on TV to lie to the audience for years.

Sadly they are still doing crazy conspiracy theories like Trump call Troops losers, and those who can always be fooled will believe it.

That’s not the point. The point is Google and youtube look to the “authorities” to determine truth. The history of the authorities being correct is very bad.

If this was 1000 years ago they’d be looking to the catholic church as arbiters of truth. Since they were the authorities back then…

And since we know they help China stop free speech and oppress it’s people, why shouldn’t they be suspect for propaganda…

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If they are looking to the government for truth, they are failing miserably. I see information on both at odds with what the government says is true.

In fact, some governments won’t even allow them in their countries because their truth is so divergent with the government’s truth

That’s pretty weird. Where do you get this?

Isn’t it odd. People who for 3 years believed the Russian Collusion conspiracy theory as pushed by main stream outlets complain about other conspiracy kooks…LMAO

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Yes, it is completely absurd. Nothing coming from leftist media is sane or congruent…but some people believe in their fake media, like it’s gospel. @PeterGriffin never answered my question, because what he said about “now that Qanon is Murdering people” is ridiculous–but where could he get that idea? Made up “news”

It’s been documented that there are at least 3 murders from QAnon kooks who thought they were “saving the children”. Kidnappings and violent standoffs as well.

Some pretty wacky stuff. Not that these people are sane, but things like this is what can push people over the edge.

Not real. Provide links and updates. There was some mentally ill guy that did something stupid, it was not an actual Q fan. It was just a schizophrenic in a fantasy world, there was no actual Q fan connections.

Why, to hear screeching and talk of demons and whatnot followed by some talk about movies and kooky YouTube video? Pretty sure AskJeeves is still free for anyone who wanted to look it up.

That’s silly. There is no “Q anon” murdering. That’s what is kooky.

Here…mentally unfit to stand trial.

Anyone at the time could read reddit including kooky people.

Most Q believers are mentally unfit I believe in my opinion.

Except for the cynics who are exploiting it, yeah, it does seem like it attracts some of the less stable types.

You are projecting

Q fans are soccer mons and normal patriots, kook types as you are projecting, are not given credence a .001 Percent. Whether you want to believe that or not.