Won't Be Long Now

Until the ankle gps is gone by judicial edict.

I would absolutely oppose such an edict. It’s an infinitely better alternative to detention in every single way. It’s a necessary, and relatively small, burden to bear to want access to our country in such a manner.

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I disagree. It’s degrading. Like a scarlet letter.

I wonder how much the for profit prison system has been ramping up the anti immigrant propaganda.

Why not use water proof watches with built in GPS?

Let’s mark this day on our calendar…the day we politically agreed.

I completely support funding for a version that is less intrusive and conspicuous that looks more akin to a Fitbit or Apple Watch.

That I could get behind, not the ankle bracelet though. I’m with Sneaky on that.

People will still know.

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I wouldn’t… But then again, I’m dumb as a rock.

From an leftist activist judge no doubt whose edict will be overturned by the Supreme Court! It’s the same old “rinse and repeat” by the left.

Sexually violent predators on parole agree with you 100%.

Illegal aliens under discussion have been convicted of what? Certainly not sexually violent predatory crimes.

Have they been convicted of anything or are they waiting to see a judge?

I thought this would have generated more discussion.

I think most people agree there needs to be a compromise solution to people wanting to enter the US and the need to limit illegal immigration. Now people do not want people placed in cells and families broken up.

Like I and another poster suggested do it with a watch.

What is your opinion?

Personally, I can’t really get too worried about it. They’re here, and they’re not sitting in a detention center.

Dont want as ankle bracelet, then enter the country legally, or leave. See, the solution is simple.

I’ve already expressed my opinion on tracking bracelets.

That is meaningless.