Women of Color Forum- a PC trap

Beto, Booker and Castro have signed on to address a Women of Color Forum in April.

They are too stupid to realize that this can be nothing but a PC trap.

By definition, to include all women with skin pigmentation and exclude albinos, is a major Political Correctness blunder.
Beto will wind up on his knees flapping his arms and apologizing. Booker and Castro aren’t going anywhere anyway so this may be their coup de grace.


What do you think that they talk about at a forum like this?

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Oh no why do those dumb libs want to include a different voting block

INCEL: Women are scary!

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In before “Are they going to have Diamond and Silk there?”


I damn near choked on my gluten free hot pocket lolol


It isn’t a major PC blunder. These people are staggering racists. They mean to be racist. Because they are racists.

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If you’re gay, more power to ya. “to each is their own.”

I like women though.

How bad white men are?


You cracked the code.