Woke SEC beClowns itself

So this Sarah Fuller chick delivers one of the worst kickoffs you will ever see and for that one lousy kick, she is named SEC special teams player of the week? How freaking absurd. Basically she just got the SEC’s version of a participation trophy. :face_vomiting:

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SEC Peace Prize.

I saw the news that the first D1 female kickoff happened. I thought, “Well good for her!” And I didn’t follow up further on the story.

I hadn’t seen the actual kickoff, and I thought you were exaggerating in describing it. I just pulled it up on youtube. Ugly for sure. Vandy was lucky the receiving team just pounced on it and didn’t try to advance it. Imagine if she would have had to make a tackle on the play.

Usually the Special Teams Player of the Week goes to someone who has a kick return for a touchdown, or who blocks a kick, etc. Giving it to her denies the recognition to some actual game-changing play. And it tarnishes the value of the award moving forward.

Same. I thought good for her too until I realized she offered no actual value to the team and was being used for political purposes.

Last place team, goes winless, rewarding a star player in another sport. Go figure. Reminds me of the gimmicks lower-placed baseball teams do during a season (see Bill Veeck and the White Sox, Eddie Gaedel the 3’7" player, Disco Demolition Night, and others) for gimmicks.