Woke - Is The Pushback Beginning?

Honestly, this is exactly what Trump did. Except I don’t think he shed a tear.

I believe you don’t think… he did


I honestly dont know if you’d like this movie but it fits nicely into this thread.

It ridicules The ridiculousness of parts of lib culture.

Mmmmm. Thanks for the recommendation.

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Yea! Civil rights!


Uh, huh…it would have been much better to not show any respect at all and attend a fund raiser instead just miles away, taking the officers away who’d rather attend this funeral.

This is the perfect example of the left. They create problems with their policies, provide no answers in how to fix them what soever and simply ridicule those that are making the effort.

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Fight 'em in the bathrooms!

Woke is still on the move. The Statue “The Promised Land”, provided by the Oregon Trail historical society was damaged in the mostly peaceful protests that damaged many statues in Portland in 2020.

It will not be repaired and replaced for the following reasons:

“the depiction of subject matter was found to be [an] inappropriate and inaccurate portrayal of the settlers of Oregon, excluding the many other races and religions of those who have come to call Oregon home. It is also insensitive to the history of the indigenous peoples of the area.” -

Just about any statue could be charged with the same sorts of violations.

And if the next commissioned statue were to embody those “missing” representations, some new sectionality will come along and claim discrimination. “Where’s the gay cowboy?” “Where’s the alcoholic?”

Libbism certainly is a mental disorder.


Utah is building a monument to honor Chinese railway workers on its state Capitol. How dare they exclude railway workers of other races! What about Hispanic farm workers! This is an insult to the indigenous Ute over whose land these trains were built!

Just a list of the outrage you will NOT be seeing over the building of the Utah memorial to Chinese railway workers.


They spent all the money? Somehow that’s just funny. :smile:

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Who monitors this, the “latrine rent a cops”?
“STOP! Lemme see your schlong! Hey Dick, wrong door” :rofl:

LOL France’s Macron dissolves national assembly and calling for snap election. Apparently he suffered a major defeat by the Right-Wingers!!!


Someone will always be offended.


Fight 'em in the AI

I like “MEI”


“Achieving this requires casting a wide net for talent and then objectively selecting the best, without bias in any direction.“

That’s one of the key tenets of DEI. This is exactly how I operate.

Casting a wide net means you search in areas that aren’t typically accounted for.

Nonsense, The top priority of DEI is diversity. That is inherently rife with bias.


No gaslighting.

Are you a hiring manager in a company that has a DEI program?

If so, if your hiring reflects on you, why in the world would you hire an unqualified white woman over a qualified white man? I know for a fact that I wouldn’t and my company wouldn’t expect me to.