With three conservatives dissenting, court declines to intervene on behalf of Air Force officer who won’t get vaccinated

Anti-vaxxers should get it through their thick skulls, a 6 to 3 Supreme Court majority doesn’t CARE about their bull ■■■■■

They aren’t going to come to the rescue.

Stop being a ■■■■■ and get your ■■■■■■■ shots.


Aren’t U S Armed Forces covered by the Uniform Code of Military Justice (Constitution is alluded to in the article).

And doesn’t refusal to carry out a mandate carry something like a bad conduct discharge.

I’m not seeing any Christian teachings against vaccinations. IMO He has no leg to stand on.

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Frankly, I find most of the religious arguments put forward downright contemptible.

Generally, only fringe denominations like Christian Scientists, Jehovah’s Witnesses and a handful of others have any teachings on medicine.

Even a major Islamic organization in the United States issued a resolution that vaccinations are in the interest of public health and are not against Islam several years ago.

Frankly, I call bull ■■■■ on most of these people claiming religious exemptions.

If they are a member Christian Scientist’s, JW’s, etc., ok.

If they are a member of the vast majority of denominations, bull ■■■■■


Without exception, all of the active former military personnel in my life told me that vaccinations were non-negotiable, even an anthrax one during the Gulf War that was far more experimental than any covid shot. This isn’t the smartest play for anybody that’s active duty - they knew what they were signing up for.

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Submit. The court protects the state, not the citizens.


this is the military, different animal.

maybe you should get out of you fee fees and let people make their own decisions about their own health care

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the courts, in general, disagree. the state has no place determining anyone’s religeous convictions. your contempt for their professed faith is meaningless. who the ■■■■ are you to question anyone’s beliefs?


Fee fees?


I feel badly for those discharged from military service for health problems beyond their control.

I don’t feel badly for this joker who should have known what he was signing up for when he joined the Armed Forces and chose to resist.

Civilians aren’t required to be in ready for combat condition, and unfit for military service doesn’t mean unfit for civilian work.

He should take his Less Than Honorable and start job hunting.

Except the members who sued over the anthrax shots won. They are trying to use the same justification but the government was smarter this time and licensed it and gave it emergency use authorization.

Armed force members are regular citizens.

They must obey orders.

Me. Take this job and shove it.


The vaccination protects the (soldier) citizen.


No, it doesn’t.

The court has in fact put up guardrails about the topic of religious convictions. You can’t just wake up and say one day “I worship y soccer ball named Wilson” and expect to have the privileges of religion bestowed upon you by the state and courts.

And you can’t just say “I don’t have to obey traffic laws because I’m a Christian.”

There are in fact standards that have to be met for these claims.

With such a data rich and well thought out argument, how can I refute?

Go sign up.

There it is!

Yep. It’s one of things you kind of need to experience to understand. Watching movies just don’t quite do it.

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yeah, fee fees, the comment i commented on was not specific to the military.

the ucmj allows for religeous exemptions. the first exemption was allowed just two days ago. what good is an allowed exemption when no-one can get it? while i agree that for the military when a vax is mandatory it is mandatory, and refusal is grounds for release from service, less than honorable discharge is a bit drastic for someone who’s denied a religeous exemption the ucmj allows.

no, there are not. you should actually research things before you spout ■■■■■■■■ about them.