With all the evils and injustices in the world, why is this the one these leftists (ostensibly) care about?

Is anyone here going to rallies or plan on going to rallies to support the cause of the Palestinians? If not, why? What do all these people think about regarding ALL the other evils and injustices in the world? Will there be more rallies and protests to stop them? Bill Maher even decided to weigh in on this:

Maybe the answer is very simple. It’s a group of privileged white people against a group of brown victims.


I completely agree with Maher. The obsession with one colonial (their perception not reality) power is weird.

Where were the Syrian protests? The Somalian protests?

But then again… there is Ukraine and calls to give peace a chance yet Israel can keep going until it’s done

It’s a fun dichotomy and Maher is right.

I think this is 100 percent correct and at its core the most obvious explanation though obviously the simplest one as well


Not like any of them care about Palestinians.

Trendy way to virtue signal on social media (look at me, fighting injustice in a foreign conflict I know nothing about !) as well as a safe way to harass Jews without doing so explicitly (mostly).


I’m curious… how many of them have been involved in an actual conflict? I’m guessing slim to none. But it feels good to make a statement because!

I wonder how they would feel if they themselves, or a loved one was one of the 1200 murdered or one of the thousands wounded by Hamas in the terrorist attack in October last year.

Forget about being involved… i’d challenge them to find the area on the map.


You think this is the one evil and injustice leftists care about?

A laughable and ignorant statement whose heart is to make conservatives feel better about themselves.

This argument is dumb.

The protests aren’t just about being mad about evil and injustice.

They’re about the US supporting that perceived evil and injustice. Protests are intended to be a statement to Power, not just a exclamation of how bad something is.

I know it’s an easy cop-out to say the “other side’s” protests are nothing but mindless emotion, but everyone can see that it’s a cop out - it’s not a good faith argument.

I don’t agree with a lot of these clowns, but at least I understand their position.

That’s what it is. Straight up virtue signaling on behalf of…


Why is another thread required for this topic?

For you to have something to whine about.

You haven’t started on since last year. It’s May.


Not much of a storm about Kurdish rights, is there? And yet we support Turkey as part of NATO and Biden hands over billions to Iran.

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i save my protests for direct US involvement.

i disagree with israel’s handling of hamas and killing 38,000 palestians for no good reason but collective punishment.

of course i also disagreed with hamas killing 1,000 israelis to start this round of hostilities off.


Those same privileged people are also championing against “racism” from within their suburban homes on behalf of all people of color, as if they’ve ever had any brown friends. :rofl:


The impetus for the OP were the statements from Bill Maher, not exactly a right winger.

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If they’re cheering on Hamas, as many of the protesters are, then they don’t have the moral compass to declare anything is “evil.”


It’s not the Palestinians, it’s the money sent to Israel.

More money sent to Israel equals less money for their desire for ever increasing entitlements.

PS: They also oppose money to the Ukraine, but have been told to stuff it, so they did. Though they do vote against it when given the opportunity to.


Any one of these spoiled brats, had they been at the music festival, would have crapped their pants. Yet, they are just so brave while they sit in the safety of the United States casting stones at something they have little understanding of.

They are narcissistic, attention-seeking idiots that are a stain on this country. Every one of them should be expelled and black-listed from every university in this country.

Lest we forget, we have AMERICANS being held hostage (if they are still alive). We should be raining down holy hell down on Hamas to get our citizens back. Yet, what is Biden doing? Building a 320 million dollar pier to aid terrorists.