Witches now outnumber Presbyterians in the US

According to a recent poll people who practice paganism/wicca now outnumber Presbyterians in the US.

At the same time exorcisms are increasing:

Is there any relation?

I don’t use the word witch for myself but I’m one of them.

Yeah but neither can outdo Lutherans when it comes to potluck dinners.

I did a quick graph…



If you really want to see a good potluck spread, check out a Baptist one…

Plenty of Trumpists claim to adhere to Christian principles and yet adore the most base, sinful man as their current president.

Meanwhile, exorcisms are on the rise in America. Golly, is there a relation?

I thought Lutherans were best known for their coffee and cake.

Happy to see that the number of “irreligious” which includes atheists, non-theists, agnostics and those who simply claim no religion or no spirituality now comprise about 22% of the United States population.


No there is not.

It all makes sense now!

That’s why the Democratic Politicians have this Witch Hunt on Trump,
with supposed Russian collusion. lol.

Awesome news.

No, but I do think the former correlates to the number of heretics being on the rise as well.

Democrat Politicians- We want Socialism, must get rid of Religion.

Baptists have the best potluck but Catholics have the best liquor. I like Catholics. :smirk:

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Pagans and Wiccans= Democrats= Anti Religion= Anarchy