Wisconsin man arrested on gun and drug charges after controlled gun delivery

“According to the Racine County Sheriff’s Office, the agents received four rifles, including an SKS assault-type rifle, a shotgun, and body armor”

Another idiot. Felon. Drugs and guns and body armor. I guess he was ready for the SWAT team (which didn’t help because the SWAT team got him).

What is a “controlled delivery”?

Another drug dealer off the street. Good deal.

I read your article and with in it was a better story about a mother in Brazil who was armed and stopped a would be shooter from killing innocent lives.

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WhataboutBrazilism Trumphumper Trumpkin!

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Damn dude…ya got me.:sunglasses:

Did you check out mom? She immediately shot and placed the car between her and the shooter. She saw he was done, calmly walked over, kicked the gun out of reach of the shooter…all while he’s begging for mercy. I loved it.

IIRC, she was an off-duty officer. I believe I saw that reported somewhere.

Good for her.