Winter Solstice coming up at 4:47 pm EST, looking to be followed by a brutal cold wave in Florida

Winter Solstice is at 4:47 pm EST, less than half an hour from now.

While it won’t come close to breaking the 1899 brutal winter or the records set in 1962, it will likely be the coldest snap in Florida since 1977. Orlando and Tampa will likely be spared the worst of the brutal cold, but Ocala and most of the northern peninsula will have lows in the mid 20’s for two days and could have 4 consecutive days of subfreezing lows.

But for winter crops in the northern peninsula, it will definitely be a disaster.

It is mostly a dry system, but it is possible, given Florida’s plethora of lakes and the Gulf of Mexico, that they could get brief lake effect flurries in limited areas, mostly near the Gulf Coast. A lot of Floridians in the north peninsula will see at least a few snowflakes.

Devastating for orange (and other) crops, I would guess ?

Most likely the freeze won’t reach down to orange groves, which for the most part are south of Orlando, growers having abandoned more northern locations due to previous freezers.

The issue is with cash crops such as Arugula, Beets, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Kale, Kohlrabi, Lettuce, Mustard, Radish, Spinach, Swiss Chard and Turnips and also strawberries. All are grown during the Florida winter growing season.

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Orlando is expect to go as low as 30 couple hours for 2 nights…nothing that fogging can’t handle.

In the 30’s for a couple of nights here, too.



Oh no…not the falling iguanas again. :rofl:


I know, right? It’s just too funny to me that these things just plop on the ground when it gets cold. :laughing:

Really, people should be picking them up and taking them out of the environment as they are an invasive species.

-28° wind chill. Chilly morning is chilly.

About a -30 wind chill here this morning. Actual temperature is 7 degrees right now.

Of course, it rained immediately prior to the massive chill meaning this whole area is a black ice death trap right now. :smile:

The Siberian cold front, or whatever they’re calling it, got to us here in NJ by late afternoon, early evening. But it’s 11 degrees with a -3 wind chill now.

Same thing here with the rain early on.

Down to -2 degrees here, low is expected to be -3, so we are about there already.

42 degrees here… :snowflake:


Starting to finally warm back up now. Got out of the negatives this morning on our way to double digits!

Also, warm and rainy next week in typical Heartland fashion. lol

Some warmer weather coming up in the east, if you can survive until January 2nd that is. :smile:

Yesterday was awesome. We wore tank tops and shorts to the stores. Now, back to Autumn weather for a few days. lol

I like the dog

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LOL, that’s Izzy my Boston Terrier. A lot of personality packed into less than 20 lbs. :grin:

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I can tell just by looking at her. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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