Winning! or Why Haven’t Republicans Demanded Trump Step Down?

Economy is beginning to flag.

Government Budget deficit to surpass $1 Trillion Dollars under Trump.

National Debt goes over $22 Trillion under Trump.

Manufacturing Sector slowing under Trump.

Poorly planned and poorly executed trade wars causing volatile market instability.

Infrastructure In America gets a D+ rating under Trump.

DHS says [intentional] border crisis reaching the breaking point, under Trump.

National drug overdose death rates are the highest ever, under Trump.

VA Hospital problems persist, under Trump.

Over 1 Million more Americans lost their healthcare in 2018, under Trump. Tax Cuts failed to really help anyone but the wealthy, under Trump.

Kim Jong Un has been elevated to a seat at the World Nuclear Super Power table, under Trump.

Working Iran Nuclear deal was torpedoed and now there is more instability in that part of the world, under Trump.

Iraq is still costing us American lives and treasure, under Trump. Afghanistan is still costing us American lives and treasure, under Trump.

Not one single inch of brand new border wall has been constructed, under Trump, but that is OK since Mexico has not given the United States a single peso to pay for it despite innumerable promises from Trump.

Military suicides have jumped to a 5 year high, under Trump.

Smart States and Cities are beginning to sue over massive EPA clean air and clean water regulation rollbacks.

Coal industry sees decline despite Trump EPA regulation rollbacks and despite Obama Clean Power Plan NEVER actually going into effect.

New Air Force One jets cost soars despite Trump’s claim of negotiating a better deal.

Despite repeatedly bragging about hiring the best people more Trump hires have been indicted and or are already in prison than with any president before.

Trump is operating with more people in “acting” roles in his administration and cabinet positions than ever before in history destabilizing the Government.

This is going on while he has gone golfing at least 219 times in only 2 ½ years, at a cost of $110 Million Dollars to the American Taxpayers.

Heck Obama only golfed 333 times over 8 full years in office.

All of Obama’s golfing costs and all of his vacation travel costs only came to $114 Million Dollars over his full 8 years.

Trump will surpass that amount in just golfing expenses by the end of his first 3 years.

That is very interesting considering he promised he would be too busy to go golfing if he was elected president.

Which is doubly odd since he also tweeted at least 27 times criticizing President Obama for going golfing as President.

All of that is just the tip of the Trump iceberg in his presidency and America is the Titanic.

Yet the man is focused like a laser on CNN dropping a “hyphen” from “liddle’” (aka it was really an apostrophe) and he equally is laser focused on CNN misspelling "liddle’”.

OMG a National Crisis…which he is most eloquent in discribing .

Seriously, are we tired of so much “WINNING” yet?


Yea but dem heads are spinning cause Trump sold out the country so its all good


He hasn’t sold out the country, not yet, he hasn’t emptied her coffers yet, when he does then he will sell her husk for fertilizer in Russia or North Korea.

Resign? They are using this as a basis for fundraising. I have received several messages asking for money based on these charges.
Sorry, not everybody has blind Trump hatred.


You forgot putting up with Obama’s Deepstate traitors!

What charges?

I never mentioned any charges.

What on earth are you on about?

Who has blind Trump hatred? I certainly don’t. I don’t hate the man at all. Besides I never mentioned anything about hate in my OP, why are you bringing up hatred?

My eyes are wide open when it comes to Trump.


That is why I can see what he is about.


That is because my OP was based on factual provable information, not on some idiotic “Obama’s Deepstate Traitors” nonsense.



No it’s not!


Now let us see you produce the proof of your claim!


I keep telling them “Don’t ever doubt me!”

Will they listen?


I think Trump will resign–eventually.

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I don’t trouble shoot fake news, especially that garbage that pushed the Russian collusion hoax.

Ah! Makes sense now. I lost track of Dilbert too many years ago I guess!

Cuz Trump trollz tha libzzzzzzzzzzz.

That’s all they want from him.

Republicans are not asking for him to step down because all of the democratic candidates at the debates said they would decriminalize border crossings (End of the Nation State), make the taxpayers pay for illegal aliens healthcare, and add to that they want reparations. All of these issues poll low even among democrats but that’s what each and every candidate said they support, no thanks.

You know, Lou? I don’t much like Trump. But I do like what he is fighting for.

What would you want this country to look like given the current Presidential hopefuls? What is your wish list?

What do you think the democrats are wanting to do about the second? They are being very open about it and what they want and don’t want you to have.

So because of folks who have absolutely zero power to do anything about our nations borders saying if by some miracle they got elected they might try to do something idiot Republicans are not asking idiot Trump to step down despite his lies and false promises and everything else I listed THAT IS ACTUALLY BAD THINGS BEING DONE NOW, IN REAL TIME?

That is about as stupid as it gets.


The Republicans are not asking him to step down because the BAD in the hand is worse than the imaginary BAD in the bush!



Don’t hold your breath waiting for that reply.

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