Will whomever Trump ultimately nominates to fill vacancy on Supreme Court fight back?

Today we heard that Graham will have 3 days of hearings for the Trump nominee.

We shall hear who it is at 5PM EST Saturday, Sept 26th.

This kind of reminds about how the baseball commissioner wanted an athlete who would agree NOT to fight back. His name was Jackie Robinson.

I predict the nominee will do much of the same here.

What say you?

People are not upset with the Nominee, they are upset at the process. The Republicans have proved that their word means squat. And polling today showed that 62% of the public is against the tact they used.
When Kavanaugh got mad I could understand his frustration. However his outburst did not sit well with a lot of folks. But I believe that it was a situation (i.e. Clarence Thomas) that isn’t very common. Both of the gals reported to be the front runners look like they have a pretty clean past. Yes, the Democrats will be tough because they truly feel that McConnell robbed them. But I don’t think that they can stop this deal from going down. The big question will be if it costs Republicans the control of the Senate.


p.s. Interesting article about Jackie Robinson. Thanks for posting the link. He was really a great player and a nice guy.


In selecting a woman for the court, if those questioning her go into an “attack” mode, the optics from either side won’t look good IMO…especially to their own constituents.

No, people are upset with the nominee if it’s Coney Barrett. I do not trust that she will be able to separate her is fairly extreme religious beliefs from her role on the Court. The injection of her personal beliefs is not acceptable, nor really should the beliefs of one sect have any influence. I am deeply concerned that the Court will now have seven members of the same sect. And no, this has nothing to do with which sect it happens to be.

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There it is.

I am unimpressed with this argument.

There are 5 strong candidates at the moment.


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but the life experience of a wise latina is perfectly acceptable… right?

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neither breyer kagan nor gorsuch are catholic

The SC justices are humans. To say their life experiences and personal beliefs will not have an impact on their thinking is just naive.

I have full faith that the SC are intelligent enough to understand this and do their best not to let conscious or unconscious bias impact the very important and significant jov they have.

For example Barrett has said that while she has religious issues with abortion, the bigger question for her is should it be federally funded. I can respect that.

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Relying on in faith institutions versus objective enforceable standards for them is a flaw that has been glaringly and repeatedly highlighted during the current administration’s a reign.

I m not upset with the process at all.

The Constitution requires the President to put forth a nominee and the Senate to advise and consent. In this case historically when the president and the senate are both from the same party the nominee is usually confirmed.

I anticipate I will be upset with the process when the corrupt lying democrats offer up their predictable lies and bile slandering the nominee and trying to destroy her life the way the have nominees in the past from Bork to Thomas to Gorsuch and most recently that disgusting display with Kavanaugh.

That is is point I anticipate I ll be upset with the process.


This is politics and a power struggle between the parties.

No one should have been put through the false accusations Kavenaugh was put through nor have to remove their children from the hearings due to the hostile disruptions.

No one should have their reputation smeared and any attempts at that should be met with rebuttal.


And there it is…

All members of the same sect.

And thus, 7 all the same sect, out of nine.

I get it, that many people are not upset with the nominee, at least not yet.

An open question that still remains at this point here is:

Will the ultimate nominee’s being a person of a particular faith potentially instill added anger also targeted at whoever the POTUS selects here with these same “People” polled if re-asked subsequently?

I wonder if we ll hear speeches like the one the murderer Ted Kennedy gave about “in Bob Bork’s” America…

Watching the current democrat Vice Presidential nominee lead that effort to destroy the life of Kavanaugh was the end of me believing any democrat ever deserved my vote or support again. It was certainly the end of me believing that woman was anything but a power hungry grandstanding fraud.


Sorry, I missed your reference to Gorsuch. It is unclear what sect he adheres to. He was raised Catholic, attended Catholic school until College, and now is a member of the Episcopal Church. I have known many people with that history, and my experience has been that they mostly retain Catholic beliefs, but are attending the Episcopal Church for either convenience or some disagreement with their local Catholic congregations. That’s all, admittedly, my assumption.

It was a real eye opener. Policy differences are one thing but to intentionally try to ruin a man and his reputation with false accusations is pure evil.

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I think it’s funny … one of the libs above posted about not being upset with the nominee…we won’t know who that person is until Saturday!

Wasn’t it with Kavanaugh the sicko left had a bunch of pre printed pre produced fill in the blank sign and press releases, __________ sucks, oppose -_________ or some such thing. If i remember right a bunch of those dumbasses stI’ll got it wrong!

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