Will Twitter ban the Washington Post?

The Washington Post is reporting data from Israel that shows alarmingly high incidents of myocarditis from the Moderna vaccine, especially among young healthy men.

Will Twitter ban the Post for reporting information that supports critics of the government-lead push for forced vaccinations in schools and universities?


Canadian data, eh?


Myocarditis is a potential symptom of GETTING COVID as well.

So the risk needs to be analyzed in that manner.

Same as I stated when this subject came out the last time it was discussed.

Which if it was somehow “banned”, how was it we have discussed this subject already?

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It’s base rate fallacy Bill, on the case!!!


That’s 19/544,000.

Better stop the vaccine because of that .003% chest pain side effect rate that has caused 0 deaths, versus the thing that has killed millions.

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Yes, there is a base rate fallacy. Why are virtually all the cases after the second shot?

If the cases were just random bad luck, then there should be a similar number for each shot.

Why am I not surprised?


…track it and young people should make sure they check in with their doctors
…the risk of getting it with the vaccine should also be measured against the risk of getting it from actually contracting COVID, because it’s a potential side effect there as well.

What part of “it’s also a side effect from GETTING INFECTED, no matter how serious a disease one ultimately develops” are you missing here, Bill?

Make a note of it…make sure you regularly check in with your doctor, so if it develops, you can get the readily available treatments for it.

Much better than saying “hey, let’s stop getting vaxxed”.


Glad I haven’t had one yet. New operating systems and gaming consoles are always full of flaws the first year or two. :man_shrugging:

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