Will This Really Reign In Bad Drivers?

We all deal with them. The people who never ever took a drivers ed course, and don’t even know where bicycles are supposed to drive on the road.

They treat red lights like suggestions, drive on the opposite sides of the road when convenient and are not even courteous enough to yield to oncoming traffic at left turns.

While I have my ideas on how to reduce this menace, will a warning light on the dash when you are speeding really work?

It’s being debated in California of all places.

Or will it become one more thing people ignore in their road rage rush to get to wherever they are going? And that’s assuming it’s actually accurate (yes, I have that feature on my GPS, so I know firsthand).

I believe it will be the latter, but more likely it’s going to be turned off by ingenious people instead.

People need to be educated on how to drive, not regulated by technology.

The amount of ■■■■■■ drivers these days is actually pretty alarming to me. It’s becoming WAY too common for me blaring my horn at the retard crossing over the center line.


The thread is talking about a dashboard warning light for drivers who exceed the speed limit.

If my car had that, duct tape would fix the problem for me.

My car already has a feature that beeps if I cross the lane line (without using my blinker.) I figured out how to turn that one off.

My approach to drivers who are erratic is to drive faster than they are and put the problem behind me. Thus, my need for duct tape if this new “feature” gets implemented.

One does not simply pass other cars on these narrow winding roads.

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Maybe they’ve crossed the centerline because they’re trying to pass some erratic driver.

Back when I drove my ■■■■ box Celica I was like “man I’m driving a car that costed me about 2 grand. I’ll kill us both if you wanna get frisky.”

Or because they aren’t paying attention to the road and are veering over into oncoming traffic.

If the other driver is driving erratically, I back way off so I can watch the accident happen from a safe distance. :wink:

Around here people pass when they shouldn’t on these narrow winding roads because they won’t go the speed limit. They get mad when people do the limit or even 5 over. Impatient idiots.


I’m not interested in watching the wreck happen when it’s ME they’re crossing over in front of! :rofl:

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My car dash display shows the speed limit for the road I am driving on. When I go over the speed limit, it flashes. Sometimes I do slow down when I see it.

I think bad driving is a personality problem and will not be solved by installing a warning light on the dash.

People will always be inconsiderate on or off the road.

If I was goung the wrong way or in the wrong lane I would drive into a parking lot and turn around. I don’t want to be that driver.

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Same, but I don’t want to watch what’s going down. :sweat_smile: I just don’t want to get involved, and slowing down is the best way to do that for me. I’m too scared to take turns at a quick pace (if one is coming up) and it’s too late if I can’t slow down.

My dad has seen people cross the center from the far side lane. My goodness what a risk.

I’ve seen more (in quantity) erratic drivers in Conyers/Atlanta, though. They don’t like pedestrians and are quick and angry. Drag racing used to be an issue here.

Worst is the person who missed the turn lane so sits in the lane with the green light blocking traffic with their turn signal on.

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My parents didn’t allow me to drive my Honda CRV anymore since it had too many blind spots, and the AC kept breaking. I backed into a light post and felt really bad but they weren’t angry since they then drove it and noticed it had too many blind spots.

Now they won’t let me buy a car or get me another one unless it has a backup cam and additional safety features. And they won’t allow me to have one in Conyers because driving is too dangerous here, especially for an inexperienced driver. Conyers is very much a driving town.

That’s just terrible (and counterproductive).

Then make it two or three.

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Looking at their phones.

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If you’re the type of person who can’t manage their time, and have to floor it to get anywhere, no amount of warnings will make you slow down.

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