Will the Patriots Make the Playoffs?

The Pats dynasty will end this season.

Poor defense.
Worst Wide receiving corp in the league.

Brady is probably regretting that he didn’t retired.

  • Of course, they’re the Pats.
  • Stick a fork to it. They’re done!

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Of course they’ll make it. They’ve been here done this before with a slow start to a season. Four years or so ago they were 3-3 and Brady was struggling. Belichick was asked if he was thinking about benching Brady to which he puked up in his mouth or something given his reaction. They went on to win the superbowl that year.

Their receiving corps will be fixed when Edelman comes back in a few weeks and Josh Gordon gets up to speed with the playbook.

As to the rest, they’ll adjust as they always do and adapt.

If their defense doesn’t do their job, it doesn’t matter how many points Brady and company score.

Mahoones and the Chiefs will rip them apart.

They’ve got the best coach in the league, don’t they? He’ll figure something out.

Maybe putting a hex on the Dolphins to falter down the stretch. LOL!

One thing’s for sure, their dynasty is over.

How are the end of the dynasty predictions going now?

Pats looked great the other night. Edelman is back and Josh Gordon caught a TD. Poof the receiver problems were fixed. The running game has also been stellar the last few weeks. When my Dolphins lose to the Bengals this weekend the Pats will be back in 1st place.

As I said, its not the first time its taken them the first month to get things figured out.

Barring an injury to Brady is there anyone in the AFC capable of stopping them? The Chiefs have the offense but Andy Reid teams have a tendency to fold in the playoffs and the Pats have an offense that hang with the Chiefs. The Steelers are dysfunctional mess. The Jags have the defense but the offense is bipolar. The Chargers have a decent team but just like every year their special teams will doom them. The Bengals will bungle it as always.