Will the 2023 Republican controlled House follow our Constitution and extinguish annual deficits?


I see you are still making stuff up and making false assertions about me. But that has always been your MO in this forum.

Where was the discussion about the economic effects of your thought exercise?


A question you ought to ask yourself since the economic effects of the Fair Share Balanced Budget Amendment seems to be on your mind. The fact is, I already posted some of the “repercussions” which confirms you simply love to make stuff up and post false accusations about me.

And now, instead of actually discussing the FSBBA you highjacked the thread with an endless stream of deflections, misrepresentations, and obfuscations. How about dropping the BS and actually discuss the provisions of the Fair Share Balanced Budget Amendment?

The provisions have been addressed. Posters have already engaged you and posited their positions on the provisions

Interesting read

All i am asking is what its implementation would look like in the real world.

There is a reason why i am doing it and it has nothing to do with deflection. It has to do with this inexplicable need for some to engage in thought exercises but only on their terms.


There you go again with high jacking the thread with an endless stream of deflections, misrepresentations, and obfuscations rather than discuss the FSBBA’s actual provisions and your feelings concerning them.

Accuracy is not their objective. It’s to misrepresent, deflect and obfuscate.

It could turn out the red tsunami is coming albeit a bit delayed. At least some “Pro-life” Republicans are adapting and making it known that incest, rape and medical necessity of the expecting mother are exceptions their states should seriously consider if not already codified. And McCarthy already passed something on making it unlawful to not treat a baby born alive where the abortion attempt failed. Who knows how many people across America will ultimately reward such conservatives making their positions known as noted above with their vote?

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