Will Rev. L. Farrakhan flip to Trump?

Mr. Trump is destroying every enemy that was an enemy of our rise.-Farrakhan

Did someone give the Reverand a history book of the Democrat Party, how the KKK was the militant wing of the Democrats and Lincoln a Republican. How Bull OConner and all those with dogs were Democrats?

I doubt it, but its the worst nightmare for the Democrats if he takes a portion of the black vote, and turns it Republican Red.

Well that’s got to be among the top 10 craziest things I’ve ever seen on this board.



Sure! This will be awesome!

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Do you think the Media will demand Trump disavow Farrakhan’s support?


You’re right. They’d bury it, not report it just like they didn’t report his recent comments.

It doesn’t fit their agenda.

Despite their commonly shared anti-Semitism, I’m not really seeing it.

Cognitive Dissonance. Trump’s Daughter is Jewish, Israel just named a street (or something) in Trump’s honor.

This means nothing. Rabid racists and anti-Semites always their Jews and their ******* that are OK.

You assume that Trump even knows who he is. I put money on that he doesn’t.

You’d lose. He knows everyone in the entertainment field.

Farakhan is yesterday’s news. You people act like such victims.

But you’re not buying it, otherwise you’d love us.

Did you recently hear that term somewhere? Because you’ve been using it a lot, but incorrectly.

Nope he is an Obama guy.

Farrakhan called Hillary evil … pure evil… during the campaign. He came out for Trump as … an honest white man, all of whom farrakhan considers various kinds of devils. so “support” is relative.

Have you seen the pictures of Farrakhan and Obama together? They kept that out of circulation in 2008.

If you don’t know horseshoe theory you’re the problem.

Farrakhan better not flip.
He was destined to be Maxine Waters’ running mate.