Will God's judgment on falsewitnessing fall on the supporters of Brett crucifiction?

Will God’s judgment against false witnessing also fall on the supporters of the Senators involved in the Kavanaugh debacle? As the lawless/wicked, those who commit lawlessness (Matthew 13:39-42), will be brought to judgment, will that include those who vote for such lowlifes? Can those voters, or non voters, extricate themselves from the coming punishment by voting these miscreants out of office in November?

What ever the God that I was raised on wanted me to do with my vote, He didn’t threaten my political opponents with damnation.

As for lawlessness, a Senator voting on a SCOTUS nominee isn’t violating any laws, certainly no laws of God.

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Do you realize how many lowlifes I’ve had to vote for because…it’s lowlife dee or lowlife dum?